Probate Monday: Using A Greeting Card Envelope

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Today I put my November probate mailers into the mailbox for delivery.  This mailing is the first of my test run using greeting card envelopes.   My goal is to try and get more people to open them up and improve on my 4% response rate so far.   With the holidays coming I am in a big push to get as many mailers out right now because in my coaches experience the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years don’t get …

Probate Monday: Lead Manager Update and Mailers

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Welcome back from the holiday weekend everyone!  Hopefully you all had a chance to relax and hang out with your family and friends at a bbq or something similar.  The weather in NJ was awesome the entire weekend, mid 70’s and no humidity at all to speak of.  That is my kind of weather! Because it was a holiday weekend I held off on sending out my probate letters until today, in fact I dropped them off in the mailbox …

Probate Monday: Sending Out Mailers Using SI Lead Manager

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It’s the beginning of the month, so that means I’ve got some mail to send out.  Not only that, but I’ve gotten SI Lead Manager to the point where I can use it pretty well with all my mailings.  This being the case I thought it be a perfect chance to create a quick video on how I’d about mail merging my probate lead list with  my probate letter of choice and then printing it out.

Probate Monday: Persistence

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As a software developer for the past 9 years I’ve learned some valuable lessons about myself and what it takes to accomplish what I’ve set out to do.  Many times over the years I’ve had to figure out complicated programming tools, languages and specifications in order to achieve the final product.  For me a program that I had to struggling to make, curse at because it just wouldn’t work and want to just delete out of pure frustration is the …

Probate Monday: Goals and other thoughts

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It’s funny how things sneak up on you and you don’t realize it until you take a step back. What I’m talking about is Summer and all the little, non rei related, things that come up and slow down any resemblance of momentum.  The sad part is, during this part of the year, my subconscious mind seems to make all the decision of what I should be doing without consulting the rational part. If you’ve read the book Switch by …

Lead Tracker Video Demo

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I’m very excited to get to this point of development for my lead tracker program.  At this stage I could use it and save myself some real time by uploading all my probate lead lists into the database and I’m going to do just that in the coming days.  I’ve been able to add every feature I’ve wanted to so far with hardly any compromises at all. Of course there still are some bugs which you’ll see in the video, …