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I just wanted to write a quick note that for some unknown reason my Youtube account was suspended. This unfortunately means that ALL my videos have been taken down as well.

I have appealed my suspension and hope to regain my channel. If this fails all of my tutorial videos will be lost. It’s such a shame that Google can change a policy and then suspend an account without warning. They don’t supply any reason and leave you with nothing.

Update 4/11/2022

My channel was apparently suspended because it violated the Harassment and Cyber Bullying policy. I’ve done no such thing as all my videos are Tutorial ones based around helping people setup Podio (and a few old videos about my dog).

Further digging found that because my videos contained addresses that I was flagged for “doxxing“. I would say almost all of the addresses I have in my videos are made up, at least to my knowledge. So at the end of the day I hope this is cleared up. Because being permanently banned from every creating a YouTube account is crazy harsh for absolutely not harassing or bullying someone.

Wish me luck!

Update 4/18/2022

GOOD NEWS! YouTube came to their senses and reactivated my account. The one video they had an issue with was one of my Podio and smrtPhone tutorial videos. The deleted that one from my account, but at least I get everything else back!

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