Probate Monday #9: Follow Up Post Card

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It’s been a couple weeks since we sent out the letters to our Probate List and hopefully you have received some calls.  I have gotten 2 calls so far and I know Ingrid has gotten 2 as well, while Jason I’m not sure has gotten a call just yet but I’m sure one is about to ring him any minute now.  If you’ve been reading along with my probate posts, you’ll know that I’ve really built up some momentum the last two weeks and I want to keep that going.

The key to mailing campaigns is consistency and repeat mailings to the same leads.  I’ve read many times that you should continue to mail to a lead until one of three things happen…

  1. They call you up and tell you to stop mailing them.
  2. They Sell the house that you are interested in to someone else.
  3. They Sell YOU the house

I would normally subscribe to this theory but I made a promise to myself that I would follow Ron Mead’s Course to a ‘T’ and he suggest following your letter up with a postcard a couple weeks later.  So this is what I’m going to do and below is an example of the post card Ron Sends.  This is actually right off his website’s article page.  Sample Postcard

Dear _____,

I recently sent you a letter concerning the property at _____. I know this can be a very hectic period of time for you and often letters can get misplaced or forgotten.

If you have any interest in selling your property quickly and for all cash, please give me a call. My number is at the bottom.

As I mentioned in my letter, I buy properties in “as is” condition which may save you considerable time and energy. It also means you will not have to pay a real estate commission.

Respectfully, Ron Mead


It’s pretty simple and straight forward.

How to send out these postcards?

In the past I’ve used a great service called to easily mail out my postcards.  All you have to do is create an account, design your postcard with the provided tools and then upload your mailing list in the form of an excel or csv file.  You can have your postcards sent out in 10 minutes tops.  I love the service and will be using it for my probates.

That’s about it for Probate Monday #9.  Get those postcards out there, mine are going out on Friday.  Because of Christmas I don’t want my postcards getting there until next week, who has time to read mail this week???

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  1. Thanks for the tip on I was looking the very same thing up myself.

    I have decided not to mail out any leads this week. I will mail them out after the holiday. They will be sitting on my desk ready to go.

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  3. Scott,
    I order glossy postcards from vistaprint that I designed in photoshop.… (My business card with the same color scheme is always included in the letters I send.)

    I then print out sticky labels I purchased at Office Depot using mail merge in MS Word, and finally place a 28 cent stamp on it. I feel the stamp alone gives a much more personal look. I am sure Click2Mail may be cheaper per parcel, but not looking like some huge national corporation is a big plus when dealing locally. Just my two cents..
    Keep going on this awesome blog…started reading your probate stuff from the beginning and almost current!

  4. Jason,

    Thanks for sharing your postcard. I like the design and it really stands out over the one I am sending out. I'll have to look into the cost of doing this. If I'm only sending out 80 postcards a month, the cost increase won't be that much and if I can get another call or two out of it then it'll be worth it.

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