Probate Monday: What I’m using for my postcards

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Sorry for posting Probate Monday on Tuesday but I wanted to add a video how too and then realized I didn’t have my recorder setup after reformatting my hard drive this weekend.   Now onto the content….

I got a little behind with  my February mailings when I was couch ridden and couldn’t get to the post office myself to mail out the probate letters.  This meant the postcards are going out at the end of the month instead of mid-month like I planned on it.  No big deal.  So far my response rate for my postcards has not been as good as my letters but they are still drawing about 5 calls per 80.  Roughly 6.5% response rate.

In this version of Probate Monday, I wanted to share with you the postcard I’m using and some tips about how to easily put them together using

The first point I want to stress to everyone is that you should always be tweaking the look and wording of your postcards.  Well, at least most of the time. If you are getting 100% response rate then you have hit gold and can safely continue with what you are doing.  The maddening part about direct mail though, is that what works now might not work later.

My first 3 postcard mailings included a simple, black font on a white background.   It looked very plain and to be honest I was never fond of how cheap it looked, but it did get calls so that should tell you something.  I was talking to a fellow investor the other day and they said they’ve been having success with a yellow background with black font so I adjusted my mailer and here is what it looks like.



To create these Postcards I used the same Probate Lead Excel File that I used for my letters.   That file included all the names and addresses of the executor and is very easy to upload to click2mail.

Here is a quick (slightly blurry and not sure why) video on how I do it…


Another great way to go is to design your postcard yourself and upload it to  Once there you’ll be able to, for a very reasonable price, get a bunch of postcards for you to place shipping labels and stamps on yourself.  I believe Jason “Bildgefisherman” gave me this idea and uses it himself.

Once advantage for using postcards over letters is that they are only 28 cents for stamps as apposed to the 48 cents for regular mail.  Another benefit is that if you sign up for VistaPrint’s or Click2Mail’s newsletters they will send you coupon codes that you can use for a discount.

Have a good Probate Monday!

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  1. I like the idea of using click2mail, but honestly it kicked my tail. I resorted to Microsoft word. I created a postcard sized page and setup printing preferences to match. I use mail merge on the cards. I also use an ivory colored postcard from the supply store that has a slight tinge to it. It has a small clipart house in the bottom right corner.

    I must confess though, I have been using 48 cents stamps on my postcard (didn't realize the different price). I'll go to the post office and ask about 28 cent stamps. That will save me $20 for every 100 postcards. Thanks for the heads up.

    I'll be going through 99 cent designs in the next week to create a pressional logo that can be used on letters, postcards, business cards and a website I'll setup.

  2. So true Matt! I actually just got an email from click2mail saying they read my blog and thanked me for posting about them. They also mentioned that they had a yellow card stock that would save me money over printing in color with a yellow background. Good stuff

  3. Good Article! Is this process still working for you? i.e. the regular plain Jane postcards or have you refined it to something different?

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