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Introducing the SI Lead Management App Pack for Podio.

Over the years I've heard how many of my blog readers try to create their Podio workspaces based off of all the videos I've published for various tutorials.

That has all changed now!  While I can't give it away for free (it took me WAY to long develop this), it is very reasonably priced at $50.  Here is what it includes.

Doing this is really not possible because many times I just created test workspaces to create those tutorials.  Some had pieces of my actual Lead Management workspace, but never  had or showed the entire set of apps and fields.

SILM App Pack

A complete Lead Management App Pack for Podio.

Take a Look!

The best way to understand what the SI Lead Manager App Pack has to offer is by watching a few videos.

Adding a New Lead

Adding a Property Detials record

The Communications App

The Dashboard

SI Lead Manager App Pack comes with a dashboard where you will install the App Pack from.  You will also get help documents and video tutorials.  Here are some screen shots of the Dashboard.

Here you will see the Home Dashboard where you have links to the Setup and Tutorials.
Next is the screen shot showing the Install Screen. You'll fill out some basic company information and then just click the "Install" button.
Third is the Tutorials section of the dashboard. Here you will find directions on installing the App Pack, General Overview, full information on all the Apps and lots of Step-By-Step Video tutorials.
Lastly here is a quick look at the Field breakdown for the Properties App. This is what you will see if you view an Apps full description.

The Apps (12 of them)

SI Lead Manager for Podio is a suite of Podio Apps designed to work together in order to create the ideal lead flow for real estate investors looking to wholesale properties. Below you will see the Flow Chart of how the Apps are related.

As you can see from the chart, the Property App is the Dashboard of the entire setup. Every lead starts there and as it progresses through the different stages of a lead you will create the appropriate app item and link it back to the property.

Properties AppThis is a Property’s Dashboard so to speak. Only the basic property information is kept here such as Address, tags and Stage. All other information pertaining to the property are stored in related apps such as details, workups, offers, contracts and deals. All that information is accessible from the Property Dashboard through relationship fields.

Contacts App: Your Lead Contact Rolodex. Linked to the Property's App, this is where you store a lead’s contacts and their information. Having a separate contacts app to handle this makes total sense because leads tend to have multiple contacts sometimes.

Details App: This is the property fact finding sheet. Fill this form out when talking with a seller.  It contains all the question you may ask them to find out more information about the property. How many bedrooms and bathrooms, how long have they lived in the house, why are they selling and much more.

Workups App: The Due Diligence App. Once you have talked with the seller and have the property details, you’ll now use this app to Figure out Repair Costs, get comps, pull in zillow data, set target buyer type and come up with your Max Allowable Offer.

Offers App: Offer Tracking App. When making an offer you’ll want to record the Amount, Offer Date and status of that offer.  

Under Contract App: Got an offer Accepted? Record the details here. Then start planning on how you are going to wholesale the property to one of your buyers. Set your Asking Price, pull in buyers from your list that purchase in the zip code and more.

Deals App: The Best App! If you are opening this app up you are smiling that I can guarantee. Keep track of the final details of a deal like profit, end buyer, date and more. I also like to get testimonials from my buyers and sellers at this point. Store those here.

Comps App: Use this app to keep track of comps. It is linked to the Workup App and is where you will enter in comps that you find in your mls system or Zillow.

Buyers App: Put all your buyers in this app. Record their contact information, target zip codes (and/or counties) and even rate them. As you do deals with buyers, you’ll also start to see their purchase history in this app as well.

Settings App: This App stores certain system and user settings that that you can use through out the workspace (mainly in calculations). Set global values for your standard wholesale fee, company name and address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that I have been asked about the template.  I'll update this section as I get more questions.

Q: Does this App Pack include all the stuff from the various tutorials on my site?

A: For the most part no.  Those tutorials include 3rd party tools such as Globiflow, Zappier, Lob and others.  those services cost money and I could not assume you have them already.

However it does include the Jump Links for better Navigation as well as the special calculations I use for breaking an App up into Sections. There are many other techniques for app setup that I've used as well.

Q: Will I get future updates to this App Pack?

A:  This is meant to be a stand alone purchase.  Any updates in the future I will provide step-by-step instructions on how to implement them.  In a sense you will get the updates, but you'll have to manually make these happen...with my help of course.

With something like Podio where you can customize everything, there is an almost 100% chance of messing up your setup if my "install process" goes back in and makes an update.  I wouldn't want you to lose your hard work.

Q: Can I make changes or customize this app pack after I install it?

You certainly can.  Once installed, it is yours to do what you want with it (except publish it to the Podio App Store and offer it for free to the rest of the world).

Q: Are GlobiFlow Flows included?

A: I'm sorry to say there are no Globiflow flows included with this App Pack.  Not everyone has Globiflow and this App Pack was created so anyone could install and use it.

I will look into how to provide Globiflow flows in the future as an Import, but at the current time these are not available.  If you have purchased this App Pack you will be able to get these flows when/if they are provided.

Q: What Email address should I use to purchase?

A: It is important to use the email address of the Podio Account you wish to install the App Pack onto.

If you did not, then the dashboard will be unable to identify the proper Podio account.

Please send me at email at scott@strugglinginvestor.com and we can work on correcting the issue.


Get the SI Lead Manager App Pack for Podio now!  One click install from our custom installer.  Start entering leads in as little as 5 minutes.

Price: $50 Installs: Unlimited

Get the SI Lead Manager App Pack
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      Hi John,

      I like them as separate workspaces. I would simply just put prospects into the DMC manager send out mailings using that. Once a prospects contacts you and you think they are a lead, then I’d use Globiflow to transfer the prospect into SILM App Pack’s Properties App. This would just require you to add a category field in the DMC Manager with a “Transfer to SILM” option that when clicked would trigger the Globiflow Flow.

      That is how I would do it.

    1. Post

      Hi Jason,

      I will be working on some Globiflow stuff soon. They will be in the form of a tutorial so you can implement new features and also learn how to use Globiflow.

      Thanks for buying!!


  1. Hello Scott I notice that you have a code that pulls zillow comps in a table format on your Podio do you have a tutorial on how that is done. I am interested in learning.

    1. Post
        1. Post


          With out Globiflow it is harder and you need to be able to write code to access the API’s of both Zillow and Podio. Plus you would need a web host to host the script you create.

          I’m assuming you want to do it without Globiflow because you do not have the Podio Premium plan for $24/mo. That plan is well worth it to get access to Globiflow in my opinion.


  2. Hey Scott bought this a couple weeks ago, but just had a quick question. Is this the same App Pack/Set up as REIFlow?

    1. Post

      Hey Tristan,

      The SI Lead Manager App Pack is VERY similar to what was in REIFlow, minus the automations. In REIFLOW the “top level” app was an app called “Leads” in which you could then add multiple property and contacts to. I found that setup to be cumbersome so decided to remove the Leads app and make the Properties app the top level. It simplified things I believe.


  3. I seen your video that was created on June 1, 2015. I’m not sure when you created your SI lead Management App pack. But I was wondering if you created any globiflows to make it more automated?

    Also if I have the Podio premium plan would I be able to try and create workflows myself)

    1. Post

      Hi William,

      I’m not sure what video you are talking about as I’ve made many as part of different tutorials on my blog. I currently don’t have any globiflow flows to automate the app pack because there is no way to auto install them for you like I can a Podio App Pack.

      I am working on a solution where I can give you a downloadable Globiflow Flow that you can then import into your account. Not a one click solution that I like, but a good one I think.

    1. Post

      Still working on it Marcus. I’ve got a solution and am writing the code for the process that will generate the custom flow import files. Not an ideal solution, but a very workable one!

      Thanks for asking

      1. that’s cool. I have been building out my system based on yours and i built a few custom flows right now I am in the process of trying to create a broadcast app and trying to recreate your workflows app( i hope you don’t mind but it looks cool.)

      2. Hello Scott, great content on your blog and awesome podio app. If I purchase now, will I still be able to get the custom flow import you are working on or should I wait for it to be released?

        1. Post
  4. Hi Scott, great content! The Pack looks great, however, I was wondering if you might have any insights as to whether it may be possible – in addition to your apps – to add an automated follow up sequence (like an auto drip campaign) via text/email? Thanks!!

    1. Post

      Hi Helen,

      I’m sure you could. For email you could use a service like ConvertKit. For texts you could use something like smrtPhone. ConvertKit has campaigns you can setup for sending out emails at certain time intervals. For smrtPhone and Text messages you may need to come up with a process for sending out texts on a timely basis.

      Hope that helps!

  5. Hey Scott,

    Any update on the custom flows?

    I just bought the pack today and am trying to figure out how it all works. Is there any functionality to the follow up selections under “State of Lead”?

    I saw one of your videos explaining the custom task manager and am wondering if that needs to be implemented first because even if I create a workflow that triggers a task to follow up based on the timeframe selected, it doesn’t seem to offer a reoccurrence option there. And the whole REIFlow vs SILead is a bit too confusing for me to keep straight sometimes when trying to implement these other features.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience, Scott. Take care.

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