ReiFlow for Podio Update: Automate Task Creation

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REIFlow for Podio is entering it’s last stage of development. The goal is to be ready for its first round of Beta Testing in Mid July. I know a lot of you are waiting for the release which has me excited! In this post I wanted to show you all one of the really cool features of REIFlow…Custom Task Creation. A great way to manage your leads and keep yourself on track is to use tasks to dictate your work …


Podio Quick Trick: Better App Navigation

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From the first time using Podio I noticed that the navigation from App to App, Item to Item is not very intuitive. That also goes for moving about in a long app form. In a prior blog post, I showed you how to create section headers using the calculations fields. While that tip helped break up the form, it still would be nice to be able to more quickly get to a section you want. In this post, I’m going …


Podio Tutorial: Navigation Menu

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In this tutorial I’m going to expand on the Jump Link trick I showed you in a previous post. I discovered this trick because I was looking for a way to more easily find fields on a Podio App form that had a lot of fields. That trick lead me to create a navigation menu that consisted of Jump Links.  Each one of those links would bring me to a section header (Create those here). Here is an example of …


REIFlow for Podio: Preview #2

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Anyone who has used Podio knows that there is a learning curve when first getting started. This learning curve is much steeper then most other software systems because you basically have to develop your own system. Podio, at its core, is a development platform that makes it easy to create custom input forms and store that information in tables. If that was all Podio did, it wouldn’t require such a learning curve and wouldn’t be nearly as powerful. In my …


Quick Podio Tip: Get Property Images using Google MAPS API

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This is one of those tips that is so easy to implement you can do it in 2 minutes. There is no reason not to do this in your Podio setups. Being able to instantly view a property as soon as you type in an address is top notch stuff! In a previous tutorial I showed you how to pull the complete address information from Google Maps API. In this tip we revisit the Google Maps API, but this time …


Podio now exclusive Globiflow Reseller…Is that a Good Thing?

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If you haven't signed up for Globiflow yet, then I've got some bad news for you...the price of entry just increased 12x!! That is because Podio has entered into agreement with Globi Corp, to be the exclusive reseller of Globiflow. My first reaction was one of excitement until I read what exactly this meant. Podio wasn't going to sell Globiflow subscriptions, but rather make it a part of their Podio Premium (& Business) 5+ user plans. There would be no ...