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I’m very excited to get to this point of development for my lead tracker program.  At this stage I could use it and save myself some real time by uploading all my probate lead lists into the database and I’m going to do just that in the coming days.  I’ve been able to add every feature I’ve wanted to so far with hardly any compromises at all.

Of course there still are some bugs which you’ll see in the video, but nothing I can’t fix very quickly.  At this point my main goal is to come up with an installation package so I can distribute the application to a select 10 people to test it out.  The reason I’m only going to give it to 10 people at first is I want to be able to concentrate on the initial bugs, question and concerns upon release.  As the creator, I know how to use the program and subsequently avoid causing errors.  Knowing this, and knowing that everyone who will use the program will use it a bit differently, will help dig up errors that I never would have found myself.

Any how, up until now I’ve just been showing you screen shots of the program but now is a great time to give you all a video demonstration of what it can do.  On a side note, I’m still getting used to using the video capture program and probably made the video to large for the blog and it’ll be a bit out of focus.  Never the less you should be able to get a good look if you expand the video to full screen.



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  3. Scott I absolutely love the videos! You're right, they are way better then screen captures.

    You did a great job explaining the lead tracker software. I think it looks awesome! I love the fact that you can pick the “lead type” also love that you're allowing the mailings to be put in there so we eliminate the mail merge business with word and excel, etc.

    Great job. Looking really good!

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