Probate Monday: Using A Greeting Card Envelope

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Probate Investing MondayToday I put my November probate mailers into the mailbox for delivery.  This mailing is the first of my test run using greeting card envelopes.   My goal is to try and get more people to open them up and improve on my 4% response rate so far.   With the holidays coming I am in a big push to get as many mailers out right now because in my coaches experience the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years don’t get good returns.

What Jon and Kasey do during the holiday period is continue to build lists, prepare the mail pieces and get them ready to send.  Then they put them aside and wait till January to send them out.  I’m going to follow there suggestions.  Anyone else have a similar experience with this time of year?

Back to my current batch of probate mail.  As I mentioned I changed up the envelope from a standard #10 to a greeting card size envelope.  Below is a picture of the exact envelopes I used and am using

This is the Standard #10 envelope that I was using before.

  • Height: 4.125 in.
  • Width: 9.5 in.

Here is the new envelope that I used this time.

  • Height: 4.375 in.
  • Width: 5.75 in.

If you want more information about what envelope sizes are available you can go here: Envelope Type Chart

My one worry is that it will appear to personal and less professional.  I wonder if that will make more look like more of a sleaze bag by almost tricking them into opening my letter?  Well I’ll give it a shot and prepare for some not so pleasant phone calls.   That’s why I have the phone service and voice mail message though right?  To filter out those people who aren’t really motivated.

Out-Of-State Owners

Recently my coach sent me a how to on pulling out the out of state owners from the local tax records.  I picked out for towns in my area and have created the list and will be mailing them out soon.  This could add about 120 more mailers a month for me.  Once I get the system down I will right a post about how exactly I’m doing it.  Although it could be different depending on where you live and if you can export your tax records to a useable file type like excel or csv.

Hope everyone is making progress like I am.  Look for a video tomorrow going through some features of my lead management software, I’m all done coding and am in the process of creating the setup package.

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  1. Scotty, the way I see it is this…..if a seller is truly motivated, they will not be concerned with whether your letter arrived to them in a FedEx envelope, a regular envelope, an invitation style envelope, or by carrier pigeon.

  2. Scott – I have been getting my absentee owners from my PVA since I started doing them 3 years ago. The list costs about $220.00, but I get several thousand names (over 3,000). There are that many folks that own property in my city that live in another state.

    I agree with Shae. I don’t think the size of the envelope will make them think less of you. You just want to get them to open it. I think what is inside is much more important.

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    1. Thanks Todd, but I can’t really take credit for this one. My coach suggested it so I’m giving it a shot.

      I do use a handwritten font, In fact I had completely forgotten about a font I had created from my own hand writing that I will use next time. I created it using

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