What I Figured out About Organizing your Leads with Excel + Free Tool

There are quite a few options when you are looking for wholesaling lead management software.  Probably one of the most popular lead tracking tools out there is simply Microsoft Excel.  I have seen countless forum posts on Bigger Pockets asking what CRMs other wholesalers use.  The one consistent answer that I see is to use Excel as a CRM.  It's not necessarily the best, only that there is always a couple of people who swear buy it. Click Here to get the Excel Lead Manager I created for Continue Reading

Direct Mail Campaign Tracking + Free Tool


Two weeks ago I wrote a blog post about What Lead Information you should keep track of.  In that post I broke down the minimum data points that you would benefit from keeping track of over the course of a leads life.  What I didn’t go over is how to keep track of your mailing […]

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How to Organize Your Wholesaler Leads


There are a few HAVE TO HAVES when it comes to being a real estate wholesaler as far as I’m concerned.  Relationships, Systems and Leads.  Everything else comes a distant second. They all work together as well to create a successful business. Having leads is must, but what is also very important is your ability […]

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Rant: Who Has Time to Organize


New Monthly Rant Series:  I figured it would be insightful to share some of what bothers me about trying to run a side business.  It’s not all successes and happy faces.  It truly is a roller coaster ride and I think sharing that with my readers is going to cathartic.  It seems every month I hit […]

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SI Lead Manager v7 is HERE!

silmv7 get organized

I am happy to announce that the latest version of SI Lead Manager has been released…v7!  This latest update to SI Lead Manager is the biggest update yet.  The entire software has been recreated from the ground up in order to take it to the next level. I’ve listened to the suggestions and have put […]

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