How to Organize Your Wholesaler Leads

There are a few HAVE TO HAVES when it comes to being a real estate wholesaler as far as I'm concerned.  Relationships, Systems and Leads.  Everything else comes a distant second. They all work together as well to create a successful business. Having leads is must, but what is also very important is your ability to keep those leads organized. What leads do you need to mail to this month? Looking up a lead when they call Making sure you don't have duplicate leads Which leads you Continue Reading

Rant: Who Has Time to Organize


New Monthly Rant Series:  I figured it would be insightful to share some of what bothers me about trying to run a side business.  It’s not all successes and happy faces.  It truly is a roller coaster ride and I think sharing that with my readers is going to cathartic.  It seems every month I hit […]

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SI Lead Manager v7 is HERE!

silmv7 get organized

I am happy to announce that the latest version of SI Lead Manager has been released…v7!  This latest update to SI Lead Manager is the biggest update yet.  The entire software has been recreated from the ground up in order to take it to the next level. I’ve listened to the suggestions and have put […]

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Reader Questions From Brian

reader questions

Over the past 6 months or so I’ve been getting some great questions from people who read my blog.  I love answering questions about real estate investing and lead generating websites.  If you have any questions feel free to post a comment below or send me an email. Recently I got an email from Brian. […]

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BiggerPockets has Invited me Into Their Home for Christmas


I’m very excited about 2015 and all the potential that it holds.  While 2014 saw my wholesaling business change dramatically I was able to pivot and keep it going.  I did not achieve all my 2014 goals (like releasing SILMv7) but I was very close! The relationship I’ve built with Brandon Turnor (of biggerPockets loar) […]

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