Probate Monday: New Month, New List

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The coming of the new month brings a fresh probate lead list from my supplier.   So far I can not complain one bit about the leads that I’ve been getting and the supplier has been right on time each and every month.  For those that have forgotten, I spend about $100 a month for the list.  On average, each list has come with 80 names so doing a little math that works out to about $1.25 per.  I can’t really complain about that as I’ve seen much higher prices per lead in other places.

My plan of action now is…

  1. Mail Merge the list with my Probate Letter and print them out along with the envelopes
  2. Stuff each one.  This usually takes me about an hour if I don’t screw something up
  3. Stamp and Seal the envelopes
  4. Send them Out tomorrow

January Follow Up Postcards

I sent out my follow up postcards last week for my January list and as of today I’ve gotten 2 calls from it so far.  I must tell you, sending out the postcards using is about as easy as it gets.  Takes me an entire 5 minutes and $30 to send out 80 of them.

Caller #1: This person called while I was working and on the phone with my boss (I think, or was I talking to my wife?), either way I missed the darn thing.  They left no message and the number was Unknown. A few people on twitter suggested I try using *69 but I couldn’t find out how to do that using my google voice account.   C’est la vie

Caller #2: I pounced on this one when I saw my google voice number pop up (that’s how I know it’s a probate call, I setup google voice to show my number).  To date I would say I was the most relaxed on the phone during this call, still a little unsure of myself but getting better.  The caller inherited a 2 family house from his mother that he is looking to sell.  Unfortunately he didn’t sound to motivated, and was planning on waiting till the spring to sell it, but got my postcard and called to see what I was all about.  If anything this could be a good candidate to list as an agent (i’d pass this to Bruce to list, or my broker).


As I get settled into my routine I’m going to start experimenting with different mailing types to see if I can get a better response.  Not sure what I’m going to do just yet.  Anyone have any off the wall ideas that have drawn some good response rates?

**Your comments are always welcome and I enjoy reading them all.  Even if you have a question, throw it out there and if I can’t answer it I’m sure another reader would be happy to.  Thanks again for reading my blog**

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  1. Scott,

    Are you sending the letters out to all the PR's or looking up each name to see if they have real property?

    I wish I could say my leads are generating as well. So far $800 has produced 50 usable leads with real property and 25 that I will send generic letters because they had to common of names to look up.

  2. Jason,

    I'm sending letters to all of the executors on the list. Sure their might be a few who don't own or have sold already but the list isn't that big and around here most people own homes. Once I start recognizing similar address (such as nursing homes) I'll filter them out, but in the mean time they all get a letter.

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