Podio – Send Out Offer Letters with 1 Click

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I've been on the hunt for a good crm for my small business lately.  So my Podio experiment continues and this time I take on one of the scenarios that i mentioned in my post about creating custom Podio Apps.  One of my readers, Charles, asked if I could create a process that did the following... ...Automatically create and send an offer letter to my Real Estate Agent when I change the status of one of my leads to Make ...

Probate Monday: Sending Out Mailers Using SI Lead Manager

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It’s the beginning of the month, so that means I’ve got some mail to send out.  Not only that, but I’ve gotten SI Lead Manager to the point where I can use it pretty well with all my mailings.  This being the case I thought it be a perfect chance to create a quick video on how I’d about mail merging my probate lead list with  my probate letter of choice and then printing it out. http://www.viddler.com/explore/Scostell/videos/2/

How To: Mail Merge Your Probate List and Letter

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One of the lessons in life that I’ve learned over the years is not to assume people know how to do certain simple tasks.  Up until last December I’ve never mail merged anything before, and I’m a computer programmer and a self proclaimed computer geek.  I just never had a need for it.  With that being said, I’m sure there are people who are reading my blog who have never mail merged and are looking to know how.  So I …