Marketing Monday: Hit In The Pocket Again!

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This year is starting off as an expensive one already.  The Payroll tax reduced my JOB’s paycheck (and my wife’s) by more the $100 per check; – $5000!  Wells Fargo informed us that they didn’t charge us enough money last year to pay our property taxes through the mortgage escrow,  so they tacked on an addition $150 per month to pay back the shortage; – $1800!  Oh and our Property Taxes went up this year; -$1000! If you are keeping …

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Marketing Monday: Early Postcard Returns Are In

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10 days have past since I sent out the first batch of 530 postcards.  My hope was to match the response I was getting from the yellow letter marketing I was doing before, 12%.  Well, I must say I’m extremely disappointed with the response rate so far.  We have gotten 1 call, yup just 1!   The only interesting part of this call was that it was from a deaf person who was using some sort of service that translates …

Random: Postcards, Bigger Pockets, Si Lead Manager Beta 6 and More

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Postcards Today my first postcard mailing from is being mailed.  In total there are about 530 postcards.  These will all be sent to first time recipients of my marketing.  My “hand written” yellow letters usually pulled an average of about 12% response rate, so I’m interested to compare how the postcards do. Quick Little Game:  If you can guess how many responses I get over the next two weeks, from this first batch of postcards, I’ll give you a …

Marketing Monday: How many postcards did I get?

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I’m taking my Sharon Vornholt’s advice and ordered some postcards from 5000 postcards to be exact!!  That is basically a years worth of marketing for us.  They are going to help design the postcard and base it off my friends postcard that has worked really well for her in Louisiana.  All I have to do is upload the mailings lists and buy postage and they will do all the work of sending them out. Printing the recipients’ address making sure …

postcard mania

Marketing Monday: Will Postcards Pull Better Then Letters?

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I am always looking for the best, most efficient and biggest bang for my marketing buck.  My current setup is that I send out “yellow letters” that I print from my lead management program using a custom font that I had created from my hand writing.  This has worked great but is a tad labor intensive. My friend Sharon Vornholt told me about a company called PostcardMania that she has been using recently.  She sends out all her marketing through this company …

Probate Monday: Goals and other thoughts

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It’s funny how things sneak up on you and you don’t realize it until you take a step back. What I’m talking about is Summer and all the little, non rei related, things that come up and slow down any resemblance of momentum.  The sad part is, during this part of the year, my subconscious mind seems to make all the decision of what I should be doing without consulting the rational part. If you’ve read the book Switch by …