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Approaching Deadline, Printer and Neighbors

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Back in January I posted about only being able to stick with my real estate marketing budget until August.  I had to draw the line in the sand some where or I’d keep repeating the same thing over and over and just hoping it would start working.  Isn’t that the definition of crazy?  So my partner and I have one month to get a deal done to extend my marketing to the end of the year or direct mail as …

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Internet Lead Generation: Website Customization

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Website Progress For the past two weeks I’ve been slowly personalizing my new buyer, seller and company websites.  I do a little here and a little there, as time permits.  When I take this approach to big tasks, the job seems much more manageable and less intimidating.  The service I signed up for to create these sites did a wonderful job of setting them up with all the content, squeeze pages and layouts.  They are created from a template, and …

Internet Marketing: So Much To Do!

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I’ve spent the last two weeks going through some of the modules in the internet lead generating course.  It’s not that anyone thing is hard, it is all fairly easy things to do and most of it is free.  However, it seems like I should be doing 100 things at once and I’m starting to feel scatter brained.   I hate this feeling because I waste so much time thinking about what I should be doing next instead of just …

Changing Your Phone Number

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My partner needed to reclaim our marketing number so he could use if for his Realtoring.  The reason being is that he had the Google voice number already linked to his cell phone and you can’t have more then one linked as far as I know.   He wanted to keep those calls separate from our investing calls so we decided to use a prepaid phone and new number on our marketing. Let me tell ya, changing your phone number …

I Did A Bad Bad Thing

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For everyone who is sending out direct mail, have you ever accidentally sent letters to people who have called and asked off your mailing list?  I recently did and it pisses people off something fierce to say the least.  I haven’t checked the laws on this but I’m pretty sure it falls under similar things such as do-not-call lists.  Either way it’s good etiquette to not mail to people who have asked you not to. Because I simultaneously use and debug …

Marketing Monday: Hit In The Pocket Again!

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This year is starting off as an expensive one already.  The Payroll tax reduced my JOB’s paycheck (and my wife’s) by more the $100 per check; – $5000!  Wells Fargo informed us that they didn’t charge us enough money last year to pay our property taxes through the mortgage escrow,  so they tacked on an addition $150 per month to pay back the shortage; – $1800!  Oh and our Property Taxes went up this year; -$1000! If you are keeping …