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Internet Lead Generation: Website Customization

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Website Progress

For the past two weeks I’ve been slowly personalizing my new buyer, seller and company websites.  I do a little here and a little there, as time permits.  When I take this approach to big tasks, the job seems much more manageable and less intimidating.  The service I signed up for to create these sites did a wonderful job of setting them up with all the content, squeeze pages and layouts.  They are created from a template, and I would expect nothing more because of what I’m paying.

Sure I could have created these sites myself, but it would have taken me the better part of 6 months to plan, design, write and execute the entire thing.  That does not jive with my plan to outsource things.  So instead, I had these sites setup for me in 2 days.  To be honest, any site I would have put together would not have looked this good!

The service customizes your content to use your area information such as phone number, state, city and target markets.  This helps make your site more unique, but if someone else in your area uses the service things will look very similar.   Google will penalize you for this, so it’s a good idea to tweak the content and put things more in your own words.

Now, there is some work that still has to be done.  I need to fully customize these sites.  If I kept them “as-is”, I’m sure they would work out fairly well but I want my sites to be as unique as possible.  To do this, I’ve added my own company logo as well as internet lead generation been going through each page and tweaking and rewriting much of the content.  This accomplishes two things, first I make sure that it matches exactly how I view my business.  Second it removes the chance that I’ll be knocked down on the Google rankings for having duplicate content with someone in my target market who might have signed up for the service.


Another area I really want to perfect on my sites is the Search Engine Optimization or SEO.  I am combining the website with the Lead Generation course that I’m taking to make sure that I rank really well in the search results.

The first thing that has to be done, and that I’m implementing as I go through and tweak the website pages, is the onsite keyword usage.  It’s a process that takes a bit of time, but I’ve been using a wordpress plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast.  The plugin scores your page based off the keyword phrase you want to use and gives you suggestions on how to improve the page.  Great tool!

Overall Tweaking Progress

Company Site: 45% complete
Seller Site: 25% complete
Buyers Site: 5% complete

If you are interested in using the website service that I signed up for it’s call InvestorCarrot.  It  was created by Trevor Mauch, who is an experienced investor himself.  The link below is an affiliate link, but if you would rather not help me out you can go to and take a look as well.

Real Estate Investor Websites (affiliate Link)

If you want to view mysites that I’ve been setting up you can see them here…

We Buy Houses (Company Site)

We Buy New Jersey Houses (Sellers Site)

New Jersey Investment Properties (Buyers Site)

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  1. SEO is so important and always changing, be sure to be continually educating yourself on the SEO process!

    1. Post

      It sure is when you take into account Google changing the factors in their ranking formula all the time.

      I try to avoid all the “sketchy” practices some SEO people teach for backlinks and onsite content.

  2. Scott, seems i’m a tad late in reading your post but I’m glad I found them. You mentioned you added your own company logo (GREAT logo by the way). I’m looking to set up my own logo, is there special software, how did you go about designing yours?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Post

      If you are graphically inclined you can use Paint.Net or Photoshop to create the logo. I am not, even though I like to think I am sometimes, so I got my logo created on So it costed me only $5! Great deal if you ask me, just do a search on fiverr for logo design and pick someone who you feel comfortable with based on their examples. I used this guy…

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