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Approaching Deadline, Printer and Neighbors

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real estate direct mailBack in January I posted about only being able to stick with my real estate marketing budget until August.  I had to draw the line in the sand some where or I’d keep repeating the same thing over and over and just hoping it would start working.  Isn’t that the definition of crazy?  So my partner and I have one month to get a deal done to extend my marketing to the end of the year or direct mail as I know it will be cut off.

If no deal has been signed by July 31st, all my efforts will be turned to internet lead generation. I’ve been laying the ground work for that now as you know, so even though there will be a big dip in my phone calls for a while, I fully expect the quality and number of my leads to increase as I build up my web presence.

Neighbors Wanna Be Real Estate Investor

Early last week my partner and I finally got a hot lead.  My partner negotiated a win-win offer price for the property and it was all agreed to but with one stipulation.  That stipulation was that if the neighbor wanted to purchase the property.  We heard back that he, of course, does.  The only hurdle left is his ability to get a construction loan on the house as it is un-mortgageable.  This could have been the deal that kept the direct mail train moving.  It is not dead yet, but is on life support.  Send good vibes my way please!


Direct Mail Printing

I also think my printer is telling me its the end of the line as well, last night was an epic battle that even eclipsed my printer issues from a month ago.  At one point I couldn’t get a single envelope to get pulled in by the god forsaken thing

….click…rrrrrr….click…rrrrrrr…..beep…beep…beep….mother f*****r!!!!

Sorry I don’t swear much, but that printer just brings it out of me.  Took 1 hour to print 67 envelopes.  Usually takes me about 10 minutes to do that.

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  1. hahahaha. So funny Scott @printer issues. We found it takes a long time to start getting internet leads. Mailing is def hit and miss. Hang in there and good luck with that one hot lead, hopefully the neighbor will become discouraged.

    1. Post

      Yea, I’m in it for the long haul. Learning how to use the internet and get a top the search results is a skill that I can use for unlimited things. Worth my time and energy.

      If I start getting some more money back in, then I’ll start up my direct mail again. But right now I have to weigh my ROI with these marketing methods.

  2. One thing is for sure, the organic internet leads are way more motivated. Our conversion rate from inbound leads is 30x better than direct mail responses. Good luck Scott, there’s so much to learn with SEO. I would consider a we buy houses tab on this seasoned site rather than starting a new squeeze page. Its all about related incoming links, frequently updated content and seasoning.

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