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Marketing Monday: Getting Back Into The Swing of Things

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I’m finally getting back into the swing of things and have been putting together some mailings using the new system.  There have been a lot of starts and stops for one reason or another but after 3 weeks of trial testing Beta 6, I’ve got most of the errors out.   Even still, there are some areas that I’ve been reworking because I found them to be either confusing, not working as intended or Chris or my partner have suggested a new feature.  I’m very exited about getting it released to a larger audience and see how it handles.

My Mailings…

Postcard Mania Update

The returns have been very bad through the 4th mailing.  I’ve gotten a total of 6 responses out of about 2400 postcards.  It’s safe to say that after this round of postcard is completed I’m gonna not use them any more.  Postcards do work in some areas of the country, but apparently not so much in New Jersey.  Not only I am seeing this sort of response rate, but a few other investors that I’ve talked to have had similar results.

PostcardMania is a great company and would recommend them to anyone.  Excellent customer service and their products are top notch.  I was pulling for postcards to work for me, but unfortunately they have not so far. I’ve got about 2600 postcards remaining so maybe I’ll get a deal out of them and I’ll change my tune.  You never know right?



Our first probate mailing went out last week, and the second and third are in the mail as I type this.  I’m not expecting as high a response rate as I got from Out-of-State-Owners (12%), but I’m hoping to get better quality calls.  Also the total number of letters won’t be as high as out of state owners, which will help keep my budget under control like I planned.

How are your probate response rates??

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  1. Scott,
    This was a revealing post, and I have to sympathize with you as far as the returns on your marketing investment is concerned. I think it takes some concerted effort, patience, and the hindsight to test and retest. I am still researching the whole probate response rate thing, so I’m not going to pounce until I’ve covered all my tracks. You might want to switch things up a bit, and the PostcardMania thing might just end up working. All the best.

    1. Post

      Hi Alana,

      What sort of research are you doing when it comes to probate response rates? Outside of actually testing it yourself, it’s tough to really go no how other people have faired. I’m coming to the conclusion that I have with postcards because my results have lined up almost identically with many others who have tried postcards to the niche that I was targeting. You are correct that if I tweaked and retested I might get better results, but with my budget limitation that is just not feasible right now given how bad the initial results were. If they showed some sign of success I would put more money to it, but it just wasn’t there.

      Let us know what you find with your probate research

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      Hi Bill,

      Yea, I got my introduction and start with Ron Mead’s course. He just gives you the simple of it all and doesn’t confuse you with things that don’t matter much for a beginner.

      I highly recommend it.

      1. Scott – I have been mailing to probates monthly since last March. I send them follow-up letters each month. To date I have had 4 calls, made offers on all but no deals. The personal rep was looking for retail, usually because ere was a big mortgage on the property.

        Strangely my best success at signing a deal has come from sellers googling and finding my company’s name. My BEST deal, a $40,000 profit, came from my very first postcard mailing – a standard yellow postcard. I switched to Postcardmania the very next month and have had zero results. Like you I am not going to continue using them. Their products look great but I don’t necessarily believe “nice” looking products are effective for RE investors.

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          At this point I agree with you totally, at least in my market. People in the north east are very skeptical people and even myself. We tend to think that anything in the mail soliciting their service is a scam and just out to take your money. That thinking I believe makes nice looking postcards less effective because it comes across as a big company looking to scam the little individual if you know what I mean.

          I’d be really interested to see what happens if someone would send out “ugly” postcards that looked hand written.

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