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Marketing Monday: You Don’t Need A Website

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This will probably come as a shock to people who have been reading my blog for a while.  I’ve written countless articles about creating websites for your real estate investing business saying that you should create a websites, squeeze pages and blogs.  I still agree with that but only in the right situations.  However, I say if you are trying to break into real estate investing with limited time and money, SKIP THE WEBSITE. For the vast majority of investors …

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Marketing Monday: Concentrate Those Bandit Signs

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Bandit signs are not my favorite form of marketing for a couple of reasons.  Having to get up early in the morning or doing them late at night doesn’t appeal sync with my body clock to well.  Also I don’t like the constant fear of being fined by the town.  With those things being said I still hang signs because it has been proven to work. All Over The Place For the most part, my partner and I tried to …

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Marketing Monday: Referrals

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Last week my partner got a call from a lady who mentioned that she got our number from “a friend”.  The call was a strange one because the lady did not want to give us any information about who she got our number from, only that she heard we are buying houses up in Trenton.  I like a few things about this call, one of which is not the reluctance of the person to give us any information about who …

Marketing Monday: Repeat Mailings

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Have you ever heard that it takes an average of 7 contacts with a lead before you get through to them?  I have no idea if that is actually true, but I’ve heard it so often that I tend to believe.  My personality is that I don’t want to bother or annoy people and sending out 7 mailers to someone would seem to be doing just that.  How many of you feel the same way? and has it stopped you …

Real Estate Investing Marketing Monday

Marketing Monday: Recharging The Batteries

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Sorry for the lack of a post last week, I was gone on vacation down in North Carolina with the family.  I had a nice relaxing time on the beach hanging out with the people closest to me.   We stayed at my Uncles house in Emerald Isle.  The house is right on the beach, we literally just had to walk out the back porch and the water was 100 feet away.  Scotty Liked! I’ve discussed this before for sure, …

Real Estate Investing Marketing Monday

Marketing Monday: Evictions and Postcards

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Along with Probate, Out of State Owners and driving for dollar leads, my partner and I have decided to try our luck with Evictions. We are going to pull the eviction list from the county courthouse.  After some searching we found that the area of the courthouse to look (at least in New Jersey) is the Office of the Clerk of the Special Civil Part. Here is more information about Evictions. For those just starting out, when I say evictions, …

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Marketing Monday: Sorry, Wrong Number

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My partner and I are adjusting are mailing approach a little bit to put his contact information on the letters instead of mine since he is handling pretty much all the phone calls.  We want to make sure that we pick up the phone when someone calls instead of letting it go to voice mail and giving them a call back later.  The caller is never more motivated then when they are calling. As part of my partners contact information we created …

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Marketing Monday: Online Presence, Is it Good or Bad?

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My blog has opened the door for me in a lot of ways when it comes to my real estate investing career.  I would have never gotten to this point if some of the great people I have met through my blog hadn’t pushed me and supported me.   Having a blog is good in so many ways, but there can be a major draw back depending on how you want to operate your business. Your Name Can Now Be …

Real Estate Investing Marketing Monday

Marketing Monday: Creating A Marketing Plan

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One of the things I have not been good at to date is taking the time to create a full marketing plan for the next 6 months.   I currently just go from week to week and come up with what I want to do on the spur of the moment.  This is not very efficient and also causes me to be a bit scattered in what I’m sending out and how often. Falling Behind For instance, I just started …

Real Estate Investing Marketing Monday

Marketing Monday: Increase Production By 300%

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Last week I set a goal to put out 300 direct mail letters which is by far a record for me in a given week.   I usually put out about 100 pieces of mail in a week and could do that in a shade over 2 hours.  That 3 hours includes building the list from the tax records, formatting the lists to upload into SI Lead Manager, printing the letters and envelopes, stuffing, sealing, stamping and decorating.  Safe to …

Real Estate Investing Marketing Monday

Marketing Monday: Are You Sending Out Enough Letters?

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Sorry for posting Monday’s post on Wednesday, I felt my deal story was more interesting.  With that said, lets get back to the subject at hand and that is Marketing… When I first started out I was sending out letters once a month and then just waiting for the calls to trickle in.  Some calls would come the first week after my mailing and then I’d be lucky to get any more the rest of the month.  Definitely not a …

Marketing Monday: My Monthly Direct Mail Response Rate

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The last two months of mailings have yielded some of the best response rates so far.  I’m very excited about this and even more so because the quality of the responses have been good as well.  I have been concentrating my direct mail towards Out of State owners and areas where Lance and I have been driving around and recording addressed of houses that look to have investment potential (I call these Driving for Dollar leads). Out of State Owners The Out …

Marketing Monday: Mystery Solved Plus An Excel Tip!

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After getting another 20 “return to sender” direct mail pieces from the same list, totaling 40 now, I knew there was something I did wrong.  After a little digging I figured out that I accidentally used the property street address with the owner’s city, state and zip as the recipient address.  DOH! What a waste of $30 in stamps. So, how did I make this mistake?  It was a combination of excel formulas and me being in a rush.  I …

Marketing Monday: What To Do With “Not Deliverable”

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I send out, on average, 80 letters each week to Out of State Owners and addresses that we get from driving for dollars.  I get the mailing addresses from the tax records, clean them up a bit and then import the list into SI Lead Manager so I can print out the letters.  The process works pretty good. Normally I would get 2 to 3 returned envelopes each week for a variety of reasons… No Such Address Left No Forwarding …

Marketing Monday: How To Categorize This Caller?

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Working a full time job during the day makes it impossible for me to answer most of the phone calls I get from people responding to my direct mail marketing.  Not only that, but finding the time to return all the calls is near impossible as well.  There are lunch times, or while you are cooking dinner or before going to the gym.  How many calls can you actually return in a given day before 8pm?  Not a lot, at …