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I’ve spent the last two weeks going through some of the modules in the internet lead generating course.  It’s not that anyone thing is hard, it is all fairly easy things to do and most of it is free.  However, it seems like I should be doing 100 things at once and I’m starting to feel scatter brained.   I hate this feeling because I waste so much time thinking about what I should be doing next instead of just knocking out one item at a time.   Below is a list of questions that are running through my head right now…

Do I work on Videos?

Do I work on putting content on my Google+ Page?

Do I spend time placing my business information in local listing services?

Do I spend time creating back links to my main site?

Do I spend time updating my main website?

What keywords do I concentrate on?

How many keywords do I concentrate on?

Do I spend time writing content articles full of what every keywords I want to concentrate on?


What I’m going to do next week is put effort into creating an ordered punch list and then identify items that I’m going to outsource.  Outsourcing has to happen because the limited time I have during the week to work on all the above items gets me no where fast.  Sharon Vornholt has actually just posted a 3 part series on outsourcing that I’m going to read through to help me get started.   If you are interested in this as well here are the links to each part…

Part 1: Creating an Outsourcing Master Plan for Your Business. 

Part 2: How Do I Figure Out What To Outsource.

Part 3: Where Do I Find An Affordable VA or Part-time Person for My Business?


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  1. Scott – Thanks for the share.

    My suggestion is to start with video. Your blog posts will show up quicker and higher in the search engines. Make the one video around one main keyword. Since you are a wholesaler, I would suggest doing that to begin with.

    I had some information on doing a 10x10x4 video series. The gist of it is you make 10 short videos (1-3 minures each) on one “tip”. 10 should be on the most frequently asked questions you get. 10 should be on questions folks should be asking but don’t know to ask.

    The other four had to do with things like your about page video and several other things. I will look around and find that for you. I actually shot all 20 in one afternoon and then I got a virus on my computer and they all disappeared as quickly. I just sat down and made a quick list one day of 20 topics. Then I kicked everyone out of the house one day, and shot all of them. It took a couple of hours and I was done. I am going to re-do mine soon.

    Also, if you don’t already subscribe, go out and pick up Success Magazine. You should really subscribe to that. The July issue just came out. You will find a ton of tips in there that you can implement. They actually have a good article in this month’s issue (July) on video.

    I hope this helps.


    1. Post

      Video unfortunately is one of those things I don’t like doing. I do agree that it seems like the way to go for internet marketing though.

      Sorry to hear that you lost all that effort and have to redo the videos, that must have been a fun moment when you realized it was all gone.

  2. Oh, marketing can definitely be overwhelming Scott — I can definitely relate!

    It’s best to take things slow and focus on things you can and want to do. I think some folks try to do things that just don’t work for them, it gets forced and they end up not being very good at it. Yes, there may be things you have to do but not necessarily want to do. Though, it’s best to prioritize those that you want to do and enjoy doing them as well. Some things can be very quick and not take much time while others may be more time consuming.

    Sharon has a great suggestion about doing video. For me personally, it’s worked and YouTube has been a great source for folks interested in my niche. I’ve had a fascination with video and entertaining since I was a child, I enjoy it very much! (Though learning the software editing programs was definitely a challenge, I had many late nights reading and watching “how to” videos on the subject!)

    Just doing a few things every week towards your marketing goals will definitely ease off the pressure. I find just doing what I need to do when faced with obstacles takes the worries away!

    Thanks for sharing, looking forward to hearing your progress!

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      Once i convince myself that a slow methodical approach is the way to go, I calm down and can focus more. I just have to identify the base, which I think in the case of internet marketing is your company page and squeeze pages. To me they are the base because there is where you are driving your leads to. Once those are setup, you can then focus on all the ways to drive your leads to those pages like video, article marketing, etc.

      With that being said, I found a great company that will do all the setup and hosting for my main, buyer and seller websites. Sure I could develop all of them myself, but in the spirit of outsourcing I gave these guys a try. Their initial setup of my pages was great and with some minor tweaking of the content to make it more unique I’ll be ready for step 2 of the process…driving leads to those sites.

    1. Post

      I definitely agree, but the budget just isn’t there to hire someone to do the marketing right now. That means I just have to do it myself. It’s a great skill to learn because it transcends industries.

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