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Bandit Signs: Sorry to take it down. Stop It!

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This is a first post in a series about my bandit sign hanging experiences and tips.   This past weekend my partner and I went out at our usual 5:30am to hang bandit sign.  We’ve pretty much retired the stakes and the staples for nails and zips.  They seem to be working out better.  The only draw back is you need a few more tools and it takes a little longer to hang each sign.  All worth it though if …

Marketing Story: Retaliation

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From time to time my partner will forward me voice mail messages he gets from our marketing efforts.  They are usually from crazy people with crazy things to say.  The most recent voice mail he sent me was actually part of about 40 messages he received that day.  The calls where pretty much clogging his phone line. All the messages were just beeps, sorta like that irritating fax machine noise (or the old dialup modem sounds when you would connect …

Marketing Monday: “Not Our Personal Billboards”

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I’m just now getting back into the swing of things after my 2 week baby hiatus.  Because of that I am just going to share a quick little story about some bandit sign fun. A few months back, my partner end up went down to Trenton to hang some bandit signs at the butt crack of dawn.  I always get a little nervous when hanging signs in Trenton because large parts of are arguably one of the worst areas in …

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Marketing Monday: Concentrate Those Bandit Signs

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Bandit signs are not my favorite form of marketing for a couple of reasons.  Having to get up early in the morning or doing them late at night doesn’t appeal sync with my body clock to well.  Also I don’t like the constant fear of being fined by the town.  With those things being said I still hang signs because it has been proven to work. All Over The Place For the most part, my partner and I tried to …

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Marketing Monday: I’ve Been Caught!

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One of the ways I market for sellers is to put out bandit signs.  It’s not a large campaign by any means, just 25 signs every couple of weekends.  I like the idea of bandit signs because lots of potential sellers are seeing your signs.  Unlike direct mail where one letter will be seen by only one potential seller, one bandit sign could be seen by hundreds of potential sellers. However, there are many things I don’t like about bandit …

Marketing Monday: Bandit Sign Campaign

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Lance and I have been consistent with putting out bandit signs each Saturday morning for the past month or so. I will admit it’s not something I enjoy doing very much. Between the fear of running into cops (the lower end the town, the more cops patrolling at 5am) and the waking up at 4am is tough to deal with each weekend. Having someone to go with you makes it a ton better however and if it weren’t for Lance I’m sure …