Marketing Monday: “Not Our Personal Billboards”

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I’m just now getting back into the swing of things after my 2 week baby hiatus.  Because of that I am just going to share a quick little story about some bandit sign fun.

A few months back, my partner end up went down to Trenton to hang some bandit signs at the butt crack of dawn.  I always get a little nervous when hanging signs in Trenton because large parts of are arguably one of the worst areas in all of New Jersey.  And being out there in the dark to boot!

After hanging signs in our normal area, we decided to head off to a new area.  It was a small area where we put up no more then 8 signs.  A job well done!

Later that morning I got a text from my partner telling me I had to listen to this message that was left on the bandit sign’s number.  It

Hi, Just wanted to let you know, the more we buy houses signs you guys put up the more we will be taking down. Just letting you know if you wanna talk about it. It’s area code (xxx) xxx-xxxx.

and he goes on to say…

You put them on Main street.  Street is not your little personal billboard property. Okay, so we pulled down 8 and we’re if we’re calling to All street in Park everything and with taken down and wait for himso. Just thought I’d let you know what you put out the more with take a down.  Take care bye bye, listen.  I got a video, which is let me know. So we can see what you’re doing. You can’t do that Okay bye.

The google translation isn’t 100% but you get the gist of it.   The story gets a bit better however as I looked up the guys phone number and it led me to a website that had his name as the Domain Name (I.E.  The site was a heavily religious website as well.

Who can top that story?  Anyone ever get arrested?

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    1. Post

      Hey Ryan!

      At the last meeting in Sparta with Bruce he told us about what happened. How did it end up getting resloved? Hopefully you only had to pay a small fine and that was it. The bigger question, are you still putting up signs in Jefferson? LOL

      1. Scott,

        Long story short I only paid $250. I am not putting up signs in Jefferson at all. It’s not worth the hassle.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if other towns start doing similar (this goes for all types of town regulations etc.). These towns are looking for money anywhere they can get it. I do love signs but I’m focusing more heavily on other areas of marketing.

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