Probate Monday: Getting My Gangster On

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Probate Investing MondayAs Justin McClelland likes to call it, I got my gangster on this past weekend and put out some of my bandit signs.  Instead of going out late at night, we ended up waking up before the ass crack of dawn and got out there with about 1 hour and 30 minutes left of darkness.  It was great because there is absolutely nobody out at that god forsaken time of the morning.  I want to thank Lance for waking up at 4:30 in the morning to drive up and help me out.  You need friends like that or you won’t get far.

I chose a road the night before and we just drove until it got light.  I put bandit signs on all entrance and exit ramps onto the route that I could find.  All toll we put out 14 signs, which is 10 more then our previous record of 4.   We would have put more out, but there was a long stretch of road where there was nothing but business front property.   I probably have gotten about 5 or 6 calls from the signs so far, most of them being hangups after a few seconds.  Two people left messages and I will be calling them back tomorrow.

Probate Mailer Results

My 75 probate mailers, with greeting card envelope, got me 3 calls.  Two of which were people not very happy to get my letter and asked to be take off the list.  The other person, I actually got an email from a friend of mine who said their Aunt and Uncle received a letter from me.  My friend is a Realtor and has the house listed, in fact we went to licensing school at the same time.  They are interested in selling the house and I’m going to take a look at the MLS listing and come up with an offer for the house and give it to my friend.   Could be a win win.

That’s about it for last week.  This week I’m planning on getting some more Out-of-State owner mailings out.  Since it is a holiday week, I’m going to be holding off sending these new letters until next Monday.

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  2. Nice to hear your progress, Scott! Oh, I remember bandit signs. It’s these types of moments that are the most memorable and really make it fun in REI. Thanks for sharing!

    p.s. And, I like that tagline about getting out your bandit signs, “Getting your gangster on,” lol! 🙂

  3. Hey Scott – I like going out early in the moring too if I have to put up my own signs. For some reason, putting them out during the day makes you feel like a “bandit”. Sneaking around in the dark is soooo much better. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. As soon as it started getting light and people could easily see me putting up signs, I felt like a tool. LOL

  4. Although it takes less than 5 seconds to put up a sign, stopping the car where I need to put up the sign is the hardest part. Sometimes I have to park elsewhere and walk back to the pole. When I first started I felt kinda stupid doing it but after a while I shrugged my shoulders and said “who cares what people think?” What are they gonna think anyway? “Hey, look at that guy putting up signs. Wow. What an idiot.” Doubtful. Mostly people are just curious to see what the sign says.

    Since it does in fact take less than 5 seconds, I don’t mind doing it during the day (hate getting up early since I don’t go to bed until 2 or 3am).

    Once a homeless guy came over to ask for a job putting up signs. I gave it to him, but regretted it soon after.

    Over about a 3 month period I put up maybe 30 signs.

    Soon after putting mine up, the competition went nuts and started putting signs on every pole in town.

    The minute I put up one on a high volume road, I got a call from code enforcement.

    “This is code enforcement officer Dave. For the next year, I’ve been tasked with pulling down signs. Please don’t put any more up. There’s a fine for each one You can’t put them on poles, in flower beds or anywhere…”

    So I stopped. I only got a small handful of calls, none resulted in any actual business. I would of continued except for fear of being fined. You’d think the town would be grateful.

    1. Post

      I hate the idea of getting fined as well and it would probably keep me from putting up signs as well but my partner doesn’t mind and we use a number that is linked to him so I’m not involved. Well I’m only involved in helping hang the signs.

  5. I wanted to find out what does the Probate Letter say and where can I get the Absentee List for the Chicago Oak Lawn Area

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