Marketing Monday: Bandit Sign Campaign

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Lance and I have been consistent with putting out bandit signs each Saturday morning for the past month or so. I will admit it’s not something I enjoy doing very much. Between the fear of running into cops (the lower end the town, the more cops patrolling at 5am) and the waking up at 4am is tough to deal with each weekend. Having someone to go with you makes it a ton better however and if it weren’t for Lance I’m sure I’d given up by now.

The results we’ve been getting have not been to good however. I’m a bit disappointed to say the least. We will get about 1 or 2 calls each week from the signs and of those we are lucky to have 1 person worth talking to. Even so I’m not ready to give up on bandit signs just yet (probably cause I’ve got 150 of them sitting in my garage haha). Here are some reason why we might be getting the results that we have been…

  • Signs are not staying up because of weather conditions (snow, high winds,etc..)
  • This is our first time putting signs up in the towns and might need more consistency before seeing results
  • Code enforcement is taking down the signs
  • Need to put up more signs in an area

Since Lance and I rotate who’s signs we are putting out, when my turn comes around again I’m going to return to a previous area.  This spot got me no calls last time, but I’m thinking it was because of one of the reasons above.  There was a lot of snow on the ground and I had put the signs in snow banks.  I suspect they got buried by snow removal equipment.

Marketing Goals For This Week

Monday: Print out Out-of-State owner letters for Bloomfield, Nutely and Belleville and address envelopes

Tuesday: Finish envelopes and mail them out

Wednesday: Plan route for next round of bandit signs

Thursday: Review calls and update lead system accordingly. Order more Stamps

Friday: Review marketing budget


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  1. Have you considered buying some billboards? You can get junior posters at rates way less than the big 40 footers, they look professional, and no hassles with code enforcement.

    1. Hi Chan,

      What have been your results with using billboards? I’m on a very tight budget and really can’t afford to spend more then I am until some deals start coming in. I like the suggestion and thinking outside of the box.

      Great suggestion!

  2. It’s Probably Your Message….What’s Your Message….Bandits Work….I Get 25-40 Calls a Week….Bonus Tip: If CODE Enforcement Is Not Calling You, YOU are Not Putting Out Enough Signs

    1. Sometimes they work sometimes they don’t. You have to be consistent (which I have not been) and also it depends on the area.

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