Marketing Story: Retaliation

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From time to time my partner will forward me voice mail messages he gets from our marketing efforts.  They are usually from crazy people with crazy things to say.  The most recent voice mail he sent me was actually part of about 40 messages he received that day.  The calls where pretty much clogging his phone line.

All the messages were just beeps, sorta like that irritating fax machine noise (or the old dialup modem sounds when you would connect to the internet back in the day).  The call was always coming from the same phone number and my initial reaction was it was some automated fax service that got our number and was spamming the line.   Nope!

My partner did a google search for the phone number and came up with a name.  That name was of a local real estate investor in the area (name will be withheld to protect them).  In fact, it was the same investor who hangs bandit signs in the same area we hang our bandit signs.  What the Hell!

My next thought was, is this guy being a douche bag and trying to tie up our phone line on purpose?  So we gave him a call, sent him a facebook message and an email asking what was going on.  A few phone calls later we finally got him on the line and asked him… “What the Fuck?!?”

Our assumption was correct, he was doing it deliberately! Why might you ask?  He said we had been knocking down his bandit signs and he wanted to get us back.

Of course we were not doing such a thing because that is just bush-league.  In fact we marveled at how his signs always stayed up for so long.  So my partner explained all of this to him, he made nice and actually asked my partner out for a drink.    My partner politely declined by saying “sorry, I’m getting married in a few days”.  haha.

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  1. That’s a shame in today’s day & age, can’t we just all get along! LOL.

    I need to ask you a question, I’ll send you an e-mail, if you don’t mind.

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