Marketing Monday: Tools To Help Put Out Bandit Signs

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I’m finding out that having more then one tool to bring in leads is very important.  I want people calling me every day of the week and sometimes with mailers that doesn’t happen because you’ll be in between letters or for some reason nobody calls.  A great way to keep the phone ringing is to put bandit signs out.

2 out of every three Saturday mornings Lance and I pick a spot and throw some signs in the ground.  The nerves of putting signs out has dwindled some, except when a cop drives by as you are stapling a sign to an electrical pole.  That got the nerves pumping for sure, and even more so when the cop pulled a U-turn at the next intersection. 😮  Luckily we managed to zig zag through some streets while the cop was looking at our sign.

TIP: Put an untraceable phone number on your signs like a call center number, a prepaid phone number or a google voice number.

One of the problems Lance and I have had the last few Saturdays is that we do not know the areas very well, so we spend a decent amount of time driving around and trying to find good spots.  There is a tool that we tried for the first time that is going to really help us in the future.  It’s called MyTracks.  It’s a GPS tracking program for an andriod phone that records where you are driving.    With this app, we will be able to keep track of where we have been and help us learn each area better.  We will also be able to put a pin in the spots where we actually put signs.

Anyone else use have any good tools they use for making the process of hanging bandit signs easier and more trackable?

Marketing Plan: Review of Last week

Last week I was successful in putting some names on my buyers list.  I scraped the MLS and recorded the cash buyers for 3 counties and also got a few at the meetup meetings last week.  The important thing is to always make sure you carry around your business cards as well as buyer data sheets so you can hand them out.  Also a great technique is to get the buyers phone number and then follow up with them the next day so you can ask them more detailed questions.  You’ll find it’s hard to really talk at these meetings sometimes.

Last week was so very busy with meetings and masterminds I didn’t get a chance to build my buyers list database.  This will go back on the list for the end of this week.

Plan for This Week:

Over the past few weeks I’ve realized that I am most motivated during Monday and Tuesday of the week, so I am going to set my money making tasks for those days.  Wednesday will be a day to finish up anything from Monday and Tuesday.  Thursday will be errand day when I pick up supplies and do clerical work to keep organized.

Monday: Money Making Day #1

  • Put together Mailers for Phillipsburg and Hackettstown

Tuesday: Money Making Day #2

  • Put letters in mailbox
  • Pull Out of State Owners list for Bloomfield, Nutley and Belleville

Wednesday: Catchup Day and Education

  • Upload new lists into SI Lead Manager
  • Review maps of Bloomfield, Nutley and Belleville

Thursday: Errand and Clerical Day

  • Go through past voice mail messages and update lists with who has called

Friday: Phone Calls

  • Call back any sellers who have left voice mail messages



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