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Marketing Monday: Concentrate Those Bandit Signs

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bandit signsBandit signs are not my favorite form of marketing for a couple of reasons.  Having to get up early in the morning or doing them late at night doesn’t appeal sync with my body clock to well.  Also I don’t like the constant fear of being fined by the town.  With those things being said I still hang signs because it has been proven to work.

All Over The Place

For the most part, my partner and I tried to put up signs in all the areas we wanted to buy houses.  Over a 6 month period we probably hung sings in 15 towns.  The results were not very good.  Maybe we would get 2 calls from each town, but rarely any more.   It got to the point where the effort wasn’t really worth the response.    We actually started driving for dollars more then putting up signs because of the low response rate.

The Obvious Idea

About two months ago, my partner and I were having our weekly conference call and I got an idea.  Instead of trying to spread our signs all over the place, lets just concentrate them to one or two towns.   I don’t mean put 100s of signs up at once in the two towns, I am talking about making sure there are always 15 to 20 signs up.

During August and September, we have been putting this plan into action.  Every two weeks we drive through our target areas and refresh the signs.  It has really started to pay off with an increased amount of phone calls and one possibly deal that we are working on getting under contract.


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  1. This gets back into the whole marketing principle of people needing to see a message so many times (I think 7 is the magic number) before they take action. The more concentrated the signs are, the more likely they will see the message over and over again.

    Now it is just the balancing act of putting as much as you can in a smaller area with the city or town getting angry enough to take action against us.

    Glad to hear it is working well for you. Gotta love bandit signs, or at least how well they pull.

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