Is it a bad idea to put up Signs in the Snow?

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Snow Snow Snow

Lance and I were planning on putting out some bandit signs tomorrow morning.   Well that is not going to happen now because we are getting a snow storm of about 3 to 6 inches.  On top of that my wife told me we are going to be getting a Nor-Easter on Tuesday that is going to dump some serious snow on us as well.  So we decided to postpone the early morning gangster action until next weekend.   I really don’t want to go through the hard work of putting out signs only to have them buried when the snow plows clear the roads.   Do you agree?

Probate Letters

To replace not putting out bandit signs this weekend, I’m going to put the final touches on my December probate letters and then start creating my January mailings.  Gotta keep doing stuff that is going to make me some money right?

Presented SI Lead Manager

This past Wednesday I had an REI meeting (I’ll call this group the Sparta REI Group from now on).   I took the opportunity to demonstrate my SI Lead Manager software to the members.  It went very well and they all really liked what I have done.  My goal with the program is to show it to as many people as I can until I find that one person who can get behind it and promote it to their people.

I am also going to demonstrate the program to the Lindon REI Group at the end of the month.  This is Jon Zorrer’s group and maybe if he likes it, he’ll recommend it to others.  I also had a thought about trying to get Vena Jones-Cox to get behind the effort since she is really close friends with Jon.  Hey you never know right?

All told, there have been over 200 people who have downloaded SI Lead Manager!  I’m supper excited about that because the more people that use it and give me feedback the better the software will become.  I’m currently linking it up with Click2Mail so you can just have them send your postcards with one click (ok maybe 2 clicks) of your mouse.

What are you doing this week to make money?

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    1. it’s coming along pretty good so far. I can upload lists and letters, merge them together and submit an order. I just have to work out the details like credit card information, sending the user an email, etc… I’ll have a demo video once I get a new computer.

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