Turducken – What The Hell Is It?

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The word Turducken is becoming so popular these days that you can barely find anyone who doesn’t know what the heck it is.  I even saw one in the food store the other day.  To me it sounds gross and I doubt I’ll ever try one.  Has anyone given it a taste? Deal #2 update Deal #2 is starting to resemble one of those birds.  I’m not quite sure what to make of it and not quite sure where it’s …

Real Estate Investing Lead Manager

Teaser Videos of Beta 5

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Firstly, let me just tell you that I’m really excited about the new SI Lead Manager Beta 5.  I’ve learned a lot from using Beta 4 for that past five months.  There were things that annoyed me about it and there were some things I liked about it.  With Beta 5 I tried to eliminate all those annoyances in order to help me ( and also anyone else using the program). I can’t quite give a release date for when …

Real Estate Investing Marketing Monday

Marketing Monday: How I Keep Track Of All My Leads

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One of the keys for me becoming a real estate wholesaler while working a full time job is staying organized.   I admittedly am pretty terrible at keeping organized though because it takes time as well.  Any effort must be easy and quick and that is the reason why I spent the last year writing a custom application to keep track of all of my leads. I’ve just completed Beta 4, of SI Lead Manager, and am excited at the …

General Update On Various Things

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SI Lead Manager Beta 4 of Si Lead Manager (My custom lead management software) is days away from being released.  There are some big improvements to the entire system as well as some new features that have helped me out immensely and I think will do the same for anyone who wants to use it. I’ve fixed as many bugs as I’ve found since the last version making this one the most stable yet. Some of the new features are… Dashboard …

Is it a bad idea to put up Signs in the Snow?

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Snow Snow Snow Lance and I were planning on putting out some bandit signs tomorrow morning.   Well that is not going to happen now because we are getting a snow storm of about 3 to 6 inches.  On top of that my wife told me we are going to be getting a Nor-Easter on Tuesday that is going to dump some serious snow on us as well.  So we decided to postpone the early morning gangster action until next …

Probate Monday: Going Through The Motions Is A Good Thing

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With Christmas only a few days away and New Years right after that, I’ve halted my mailings until January 3rd.  However I’m still going through the motions of putting my mail pieces together so they can be ready to be mailed out when the time is right. Staying active is a benefit on two fronts.  First it keeps me active and thinking about real estate investing during this slow down period.  I’ve always found that once a break a routine, …