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Just wanted to remind everyone that Friday, August 14th is the day I’m going to be closing the doors on the contest to rename my blog.  All you have to do to enter is leave a comment suggesting a great sounding domain name.  If I go with your entry I will give you Steve Cook’s Flipping Homes Profit Machine Intensive DVD course.  There are over 20 DVDs in this set of awesome content.

Go to this post, Contest: Rename My Blog and Win a $400 Prize, and read all about it and enter right now!

Once the door shuts, I will then take the weekend to decide which name I’m going to use and announce the winner on Monday, August 17th.

On To Other Things…

I’ve cracked open another book by Seth Godin called All Marketers are Liars (with a New Preface). I’ve only gotten through the first 10 pages but it’s looking like a fantastic and interesting read. As with the last book review, I will be giving this book away once I am done with it as well (Shae, Tribes will be in the mail this weekend, sorry for the delay). So stay tuned!

Comp Practice and Making Another Offer

I’ve identified another house I want to make an offer on this week.  During an REI meeting last week I met an investor who’s side job is an appraiser.  We got to talking a bit at the end of the meeting and he offered to help me out with coming up with comps.   In my mind, it is very important to get as accurate as you can with comps.  It’s your basis for offers, if you can be certain what the ARV is then you can be confident that your offer will work out for you.

Checking the MLS Daily

I’m taking Jason’s advice and am now reviewing a few choice area codes daily.  At this point many of the areas are foreign to me, but taking it one day at a time and building on the previous day will make me an expert in no time.  I recommend this approach instead of trying to review everything for your area that is currently listed, sold and under contract.  Doing that can be very overwhelming if you live in a very populated area like I do.  So each day I look at 15 to 20 properties instead of the 1000’s that are already in the system.

SI Lead Manager Bug

Last but not least, I discovered a bug in SI Lead Manager with scheduling recurring mailings and appointments.

Problem: If you create a one time mailing and then go back into the mailing to setup the recurrences, the program will throw an error.
Work Around: If you exit out of the calender area and go back in you’ll be able to setup the recurrence with out problem.
Fix: I have managed to fix the bug and it will be apart of an update either next week or the week after.

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