Probate Monday: First on the List!

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Hey everyone!  This is another addition of probate Monday where I review the happenings that went on last week with my probate investing.  I got 105 letters in the mail on Friday and wasn’t expecting any calls until at least today.  To my amazement I got three calls the very next day, one at noon!

Probate Investing MondayThe first call was the best one of the bunch.  It was a very sweet older lady who asked me if I was only interested in the house that she is currently living in.  I had to quickly remember if the letter I sent out was the one where I specifically mentioned an address just in case she was testing me or something.  The new letter was general and just mentioned buying property.

She went on to say that she isn’t interested in selling the house that she is living in, but has a piece of vacant land in Roxbury that she will be looking to sell in the near future.  She wasn’t ready now because she was just to tied up with all the paper work from the probate process with the passing of her sister.   The taxes and the constant upkeep (to avoid violations) where getting to much for her.  She then went on to say that she appreciated my letter and the personal nature of it and that I would be the first person she calls when she is ready to sell.  Sweet!

The next call I got was from a fellow who wanted to let me know the property had already sold and that he wanted to get off my list.  He was very nice about it and I will do just what he asked.

The last call I missed and there was no message so hopefully they will call back this week.

Quick Video Demonstartion.

Hopefully you guys don’t get tired of me posting video demonstration from my lead manager software but the more I use it the more I like it.  As you can see from the video below, it is very easy to quickly call up one of  your leads and take down information or recall information from a previous call.  Here have a look…

Goals for this week

  1. Set up my Daily Emails from the MLS with my criteria
  2. Make another offer on an MLS property
  3. Call up my Broker and see if they will still have me
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  2. I’m definitely getting more comfortable, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. I’m a good listener though, I’ll let them talk and talk and talk.

  3. Hey Scott, Bravo on your SI lead Manager Software, I think it will really come handy in helping me get organized with my marketing. When I send out yellow letters, a good number of the call I get are from people calling to nicely tell me their house is not for sale at this time and some call to say they already sold their homes. Do you find that you are getting more comfortable talking with sellers?

  4. Certainly with people who have gone through the probate process. They like to talk about how much of a pain the entire process is. I listen and also learn.

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