How To: Mail Merge Your Probate List and Letter

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One of the lessons in life that I’ve learned over the years is not to assume people know how to do certain simple tasks.  Up until last December I’ve never mail merged anything before, and I’m a computer programmer and a self proclaimed computer geek.  I just never had a need for it.  With that being said, I’m sure there are people who are reading my blog who have never mail merged and are looking to know how.  So I decided this was the perfect gateway video for me to do that might launch me into many more.

*disclaimer: I know I’m a very laid back person, but this video makes me sound like I’m fully reclined and I took a shot of NyQuil nighttime.*

Hope this helps someone out there.


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  1. lol, the brain just doesn't send the words to my mouth quick enough. I'd do real well in the south, which is probably why I'm not a city person.

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