Top Blogs: 8 Investors Who Are Crushing It and Sharing

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human braiding hairIn todays rendition of Top Blogs I am going to focus on Investors who have made it.  Not only have these inspiring people become what most of us want to be, they are sharing all that valuable knowledge for free on their blogs.  Some may be selling an eBook or a course, but if you hang around their blogs long enough they will spill every bit of what is in their product out to you for FREE!

These are not those “Guru”  types that were once investors and now are course pushers, these men and women are true investors who work their asses off to continue to be successful Real Estate Investors.  This list consists of rehabbers, wholesalers and landlords so what ever aspect of investing you are after there is someone below that you should be following.

1. by Stephani Davis

Steph’s blog, in my opinion, is the poster child for all real estate investor blogs out.  This is the only blog that I have found where you can literally follow her entire journey to becoming a full time investor.  If you have been around my blog for any period of time, you’ve most definitely seen me mention and promote before.  Steph recently redesigned her site with videos, articles, guest posts from awesome investors such as Craig Fuhr.  Steph’s Mentor, Steve Cook is a guy who I have great respect for and his teachings really show through with TampaSteph.

Visit some of her latest Reader Mail Videos..

2. by Nick Johnson

What can I say about this guy?  Nick is an in your face, hold nothing back person and if you’ve never heard the energy/passion in which he talks about investing it’s insane.  He reminds me of the guy on the food network who hosts the show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (minus the spiky hair), Guy Fieri.  His blog is relatively new compared to the rest of these senior citizens, but let me tell you the amount of unbelievable content that he puts out on a daily basis is insane!  I would have to say he has averaged no less the 3 posts per day over the past two weeks alone.  These are not fluff posts people.  Instead of trying to describe him any more, here is his latest video where he calls up a Realtor in Virginia and starts the closing process for a property he just bought (did I mention he lives in Arizona and is in his boxers and a tshirt?)

Some other Great posts by Nick

3. by J. Scott

J. Scott is only in his second year of rehabbing houses, but it seems like he’s been doing it his entire life.  J is a statistics machine and breaks down each project’s budget to show you everything from what he spent on the kitchen to how much profit he made.  He does this in such a way that it’s easy to understand.  Like everyone in this list, he is a great person and is always willing to help out if you ask him.  His model for investing is simple, he buys most of his houses off the MLS that his Realtor Wife finds.  Even with his core business set, he is always branching out a bit to other areas of investing like buying and selling mobile homes ala Lonnie Scruggs.  One of the best features of his site are the helpful articles he has written…

4. by Craig Fuhr

Craig has recently rededicated himself to his blog and has really stepped it up a notch.  There are video walk throughs of his properties as well as routine updates on how each is progressing.  There are always valuable lessons to be learned from his posts.  Like being careful when walking on a wet floor.  If you are in the Baltimore area, he will also team up with you to help you out.  I personally don’t know Craig outside of the few questions I’ve asked him through email, but Steph Davis always has good things to say about him so that is good enough for me.  Here are a couple of posts that I enjoy reading from Craig Fuhr…

5. Flipping Crazy by Matthew Kearney

Matt’s blog is simple. There are not a lot of frills like articles or stories about his life.  What you will find there are great updates on all his rehabs with lots of amazing pictures of his meticulous rehabs.  Matt does some stellar work with small and large projects and routinely updates the progress of his current projects.  For example his newly finished East Longmeadow and 87 Bessemer houses.  If you like before and after pictures, he will deliver.

Thinking of rehabbing houses or are already a rehabber?   You’ll find Matt’s blog to be very informative and interesting.  Even if you are a wholesaler you can pick up some tidbits of information about what rehabbers look for and also some acquisition methods used to obtain properties.

6. Build Bankroll by Steve

Impressive results and one busy man!  In 2009 Steve bought, rehabbed and Rented/Sold 25 houses to go along with 6 more houses that are in various stages of rehab.  Steve pretty much does it all and although his main focus is to buy and hold or sell, he does wholesale from time to time.  His blog is very well structured and is simple.  There are sections on Buying, Selling, Rehabbing, Wholesaling, Renting, Evaluating Deals and there is also a Video area.  Great stuff from a successful investor!

Here are some of the great posts that I’ve noticed from  him recently…

7. RevNyou by Julie Broad and Dave Peniuk

Julie and Dave are two of the nicest Canadians (or people in general) you’ll ever meet.  They invest mostly in a buy and hold fashion up in the greater north so some of their techniques are different because of how Canadian housing laws are.  This should not stop you from reading their blog however,  because it is loaded with great content.  Not only that, but RevNyou won the Battle of the Rei Blogs over at Huge honor!

I’ve gotten to know Julie a little bit over the past few months and she is sweet and very generous.  Dave on the other hand…is a great guy  as well.  You will see his comments here on my blog as well as many others and he always adds something valuable.   Here are some notable post from the Julie and Dave team…

8. by Tom Tarrant

Tom’s blog offers great video montages, helpful tips and tricks to investing and just gives you the straight story about his projects.  He is a Rehabber much like Steve, J. Scott and Matt and works mainly out of Texas.  Truth be told though I think he secretly wants to be a photographer or make short films.  If you’ve seen some of his video’s you’ll know what I mean, here and here. My favorite section of his blog is his projects page where he shows the Before and After of all his properties.

Here are some good Articles by Tom

Stay tuned for my next Top Blog post that will list the Best REI Information Blogs such as

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  1. Holy $hit I'm making all kinds of cool lists now! thankfully all these bribes are paying off, finally!

    Do I post too much? I always wonder if I spend too much time chit chatting with myself while I type out blogs. between sleeping, drinking Monsters and having other people do all my work for me, I'm surprised I even have time to make any posts 🙂

  2. Told you you were on a list!

    I don't think you post to much to your blog. I think it's great. I get something new to read in the morning, at lunch time and before bed. 🙂

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  4. Holy crap, Scott. That you would say such cool things about me and my blog, is just too much. I honestly love doing the blog and have no idea who reads it – but WOW – this REALLY makes it all worthwhile!

    You just made my Friday even better!

  5. Scott,
    Great List. I read each one individually and kept thinking thats a great blog, oh and you should add x as well. I read the next blog and it was there. These are the mover and shakers the previous 5 bloggers inspire to be. I haven't read Craig's in a few months. I'll have to jump back over there.


  6. Hi Scott,

    Thanks for the kind words about my blog and for including me on your list of Top 8!!! I really apprecate you coming by and posting all the time.

    Keep up the great work with your blog.

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  8. It was pretty easy to pick out these blogs from the list that I read. There is a big separation between them and all the guru's out there trying to sell you stuff.

  9. Glad I could make your Friday Craig 🙂 Giving your blog some attention and pointing people to it is the least I could do. Feel free to stop by here anytime you'd like as your advice would be very welcome

  10. WOW!! Thank you so much for giving us this awesome shout out!! I am proud to be associated with these other fabulous bloggers and to be featured on your blog too!! Sorry I am so slow in reacting to this … we've been away skiing in Whistler!! We're ready for the world to visit us for the Olympics this year – the snow on Whistler mountain is AWESOME. 🙂

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  12. Very cool Scott! Thanks so much for including us and even saying something nice about me! Wow, I didn't think you had it in you. he he he. Julie and I are honoured (yes, in Canadianese there is an “u” in honoured) to be on this list with all these other great bloggers! We'll be sure to follow them! Cheers Scott!

  13. Scott – Thanks for sharing Build Bankroll into the mix. It is an honor to be on your blog and named with other bloggers of that caliber. Happy investing!

  14. I saw your acceptance video for your award and thought the Canada mittens were a nice touch. I'll be going to Colorado for some skiing in march, always fun going out there.

  15. Not too late Steph 😉 But as they say, better late then never.

    So what are you doing behind the scenes down there in Tampa? Be interesting to know what kind of projects you are working on.

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