Insider REO Secrets

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Last night I went to Jon’s rei meeting and he had a great speaker. Actually it was the first ever speaker at the meetings, but that is mainly because the group just got started up this year. Jon brought in an REO broker to explain to all of us how that game works. Pretty much all the information that he gave has been relayed to me before by reading Steph Davis’ Blog about Flipping Reo Properties and from her eBook …

Must See Posts: Women, 1000 Houses, Target Markets and More

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Here are some of the great posts I’ve read over the past few weeks from around the blogosphere.  Patrick Riddle over at is running down the top 8 women in real estate investing and is currently featuring Steph Davis (no wonder why she just restyled her hair).  Along with Steph, another P-Rid girl, Shae Bynes just posted up a killer book review that you can see down below.  It may just be my first 400 page book I’ve ever …

Who’s Commenting? A Thank You

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One of the most exciting parts of blogging, for myself at least, is when I get a notification that someone took the time to post a comment to one of my posts.  I love getting asked questions as well as getting words of encouragement that help me push myself.  What makes a great blog is not only the blogger but the people who come and leave their personality and knowledge behind by posting comments.  To me the measuring stick of …

Must See Posts: Yellow Letters, A Big Check and 3 Words

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Here are some of the great posts I’ve read over the past few days from around the blogosphere.  I’ve last time I did a post like this it was received very well.   One of the funniest posts of all time was Steph Davis’ post about her big fat check.   Justin McClelland wrote a post that expands on an article he had written for my blog and it does a great job of explaining Yellow Letter marketing in ever more detail. …

Flip This Success Story – Probate

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If you don’t follow Steph Davis’ blog,, she does success story interviews every so often and her current episode is about Greg Ward.  Greg’s first successful wholesaling deal just happened to be from a Probate property! This really interested me of course so I wanted to share This is a good story, so have a listen… Greg’s Probate Success Story

Top Blogs: 8 Investors Who Are Crushing It and Sharing

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In todays rendition of Top Blogs I am going to focus on Investors who have made it.  Not only have these inspiring people become what most of us want to be, they are sharing all that valuable knowledge for free on their blogs.  Some may be selling an eBook or a course, but if you hang around their blogs long enough they will spill every bit of what is in their product out to you for FREE! These are not …