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One of the most exciting parts of blogging, for myself at least, is when I get a notification that someone took the time to post a comment to one of my posts.  I love getting asked questions as well as getting words of encouragement that help me push myself.  What makes a great blog is not only the blogger but the people who come and leave their personality and knowledge behind by posting comments.  To me the measuring stick of my blog is not how many people are reading it, but how many people want to join in and share their wisdom.

This post is about recognizing who is sharing and their comments.  I was thinking about giving away something to the person who has commented the most, or has given the best advice or just someone at random but to be honest i don’t really have anything to give away that I don’t already share on here.

Comment Stats

Top 10 Commenters

  1. Shae Bynes (GoodFaithInvesting.com) – 153
  2. Jason “Bilgefisher” (Liveandflip.com) – 71
  3. Nick Johnson (Subject2.com) – 52
  4. Carey (GoinFlippinCrazy.com) – 49
  5. Steph Davis (FlipThisWholesaler.net) – 42
  6. Keylly Miller (KellyflippinCali.blogspot.com) – 26
  7. Ingrid Armstrong (sahmrealestateinvestor.blogspot.com) – 22
  8. Chris (ChrisBuysAppartmentBuildings.com) – 15
  9. J.P. Mosses (ReiTips.com) – 13
  10. Greg Harris (TheWholesaleKnockOutKing.com) – 11

Top 10 Commented Posts

  1. First Probate Call and Give Away Week – 41
  2. Top Blogs: 7 Great Rei Information Blogs – 29
  3. Top Blogs: 5 Top Up and Coming Investors – 26
  4. Top Blogs: 8 Investors Who Are Crushing It and Sharing – 24
  5. Holiday Giveaway Week – 24
  6. Win a Copy of Wholesaling for Quick Cash 2.0 – 23
  7. What Motivation is the Key to Success in Real Estate? – 21
  8. Negative Response: Get a Real Job – 19
  9. Better Your Productivity: To Do Lists Part 1 – 18
  10. Getting Better Responses From Direct Mail – 18

This blog is just over a year old and has really grown with the help of everyone who has decided this is a good place to visit every once in a while.  I know for a fact that a few people have met others because of my blog and have really benefited from that relationship.  I myself owe many of my REI relationships to this blog, I’ve met great people like Shae Bynes, Jon Zorrer, Steph Davis, J.P. Mosses and many many more.

So to all of you who actively participate in my blog and to all of you who just enjoy reading what I have to write about…


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  1. Your quite welcome Scott. And thank you too for visiting and participating in my blog as well. You're right, one of the best feelings is getting a notice that someone made a comment on one of your posts! Couldn't agree with that more.

    Have a great day and keep those posts coming!

  2. Scott-

    I enjoy your blog especially since I am a wholesaler also. It's amazing how far you can come in a year or two. I like the book club idea too. I am currently reading the “4 Hour Workweek” (for the second time). It obviously didn't take the first time around,

    Sharon Vornholt

    1. Post
  3. You're very welcome, Scotty! How funny…I didn't even realized I commented so frequently 🙂 LOL! Keep up the great work…the only way to lose is to quit my friend.

  4. Scott,
    Your blog is a joy. Sometimes I forget it's a blog. It's jam-packed with useful information like a newsletter. I might not always comment, sometimes I only have a quick second to read. I haven't invested in the iphone yet so I have to keep up with my bloggies old style (laptop) I am so glad you blog!! 🙂 ~Kelly Miller

  5. Are you kidding me?!! Shae has commented on your blog 153 times in one year?!!! Did I read that right???????? Shae – girl – that means you're on here every other day commenting away. I think you should start charging for that!! WOWSER!!!

    Anyway – seriously – this is such a cool post!! I love that you're recognizing your commenters and celebrating what your blog has done for your network. That's a very cool idea. How did you tally it up? Is there a wordpress plug in that does that for you?

  6. Scott,

    Thanks for sharing those stats, pretty cool. I really like your first hand stories, especially regarding probate investing, even when the responses you get aren't all positive! (Like get a “real” job!)

    Keep up the great work,

  7. I think some people are starting to think it's your blog because of all the comments you make 😉 You bring some credibility to my blog Shae so keep up the high rate of comments!

  8. Thanks Kelly! That means a lot to me. I like to post about everything and anything that I'm doing in real estate investing. I originally wanted my blog to be like Steph's blog and post only about experiences and day to day struggles, but I soon realized that I liked to add tips, articles and what ever I can about what I'm doing.

  9. Thanks Joshua, I appreciate that you take the time from your busy schedule to comment every once in a while.

  10. Hopefully I'll have more and more stories as I move forward. Ever since I posted that “Real” job post I'm not afraid to get any nasty responses back anymore. I'm actually looking forward to it so I can post it up on here to share it. LOL does that make me a little sick?

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