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Here are some of the great posts I’ve read over the past few days from around the blogosphere.  I’ve last time I did a post like this it was received very well.   One of the funniest posts of all time was Steph Davis’ post about her big fat check.   Justin McClelland wrote a post that expands on an article he had written for my blog and it does a great job of explaining Yellow Letter marketing in ever more detail.

Hope you enjoy the posts and if you know of any other great posts from around the web feel free to post the link in my comments section.

How Much Money Do You Need To Quit Your Job – And Why?

…There’s a kind of logic, I guess, if by “logic” we mean “linear but not particularly logical.” It’s like, “Well, I make $40,000 now. I probably don’t need all of that because I’m pretty sure some of that is work related costs. And I could cut down some. Plus there’s probably get some tax write offs by having a home office. So I’d need maybe $30,000 a year. I guess I’d need about half a year’s salary to be comfortable getting started, so that’s $15,000. And I’ll have business start up costs, so let’s double that and call it thirty grand…

3 Words of Advice for New Real Estate Investors by Shae Bynes via

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with a work at home mother of 2 young children who is brand new to the real estate investing game.  Within 10 minutes of speaking with her, I learned that she had completed 4 wholesale deals over the past few months….and while that is impressive, what is even more awesome is that it was just recently in November 2009 when she first heard about wholesaling as a way to get started in real estate.  Talk about a woman of action!

Cashing the BIG FAT CHECKS all up in here by Steph Davis

Sorry about that, but I’ve been really busy counting all my money after closing a big, fat, ginormous deal last week!  It was one for the record books, guys!  Then, after I finished counting all my loot, I decided to take some of my profits and head down to the Keys for a few days to bask in the glory of my accomplishment.  It was awesome.

Would you like to know how much I made on the deal?

Do It Yourself – Yellow Letter Marketing by Justin McClelland

Yellow-Letter marketing has been proven over the years as one of the most effective marketing methods available. When sending a personalized, handwritten, hand-addressed yellow letter; it is not uncommon for marketers to experience response rates as high as 15%.

As a Real Estate Investor, marketing is what drives your business. A 15% response rate can inundate you with calls so be sure to be prepared. Read on, and I will give you the complete Do-It-Yourself instructions for creating a Real Estate Investor Yellow-Letter Direct-Mail campaign.

Rent to Own: What Comes First, the Tenant or the Property? by Julie Broad via

When my husband Dave and I decided to make real estate investing our full time job, we had been investing together for seven years and had built up a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio. We were in a strong financial position for the long term but our short term cash needs were not being met by our properties alone…

Google News Shows Publishers How To Optimize YouTube Videos

Inbal from the Google News team posted a Google News Help thread linking to a blog post explaining how to optimize your YouTube videos to show up well in Google News.

Here are the tips from the blog:

1. Timely uploads
Videos should be uploaded as quickly as possible — this will help them reach the news homepage faster and be grouped with the most recent articles…..

Again,  if you know of any other great posts from around the web feel free to post the link in my comments section.

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  1. Thanks for sharing my Bigger Pockets post! Great selection of reading here!! I agree that Steph's post was probably the funniest blog post about real estate I've ever read.

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