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Here are some of the great posts I’ve read over the past few weeks from around the blogosphere.  Patrick Riddle over at is running down the top 8 women in real estate investing and is currently featuring Steph Davis (no wonder why she just restyled her hair).  Along with Steph, another P-Rid girl, Shae Bynes just posted up a killer book review that you can see down below.  It may just be my first 400 page book I’ve ever read.  The rest of the posts are extremely informative and ones I will review again in the future.

Hope you enjoy the posts and if you know of any other great posts from around the web feel free to post the link in my comments section.

1) Steph Davis – The Best and Brightest Women in Real Estate Investing by Patrick Riddle

Here we go again… with our “Best and Brightest Women in Real Estate Investing” series.  New to the series? Start with the introduction.  This week, bartender-turned-wholesaler Steph Davis of Flip This Wholesaler is bringing us Part 5.  I had the pleasure of meeting Steph recently in person for the first time. We’ve known each other for awhile… but like many of the online relationships I’ve made over the years, I hadn’t actually met her in the flesh until the other day.  Check us out…

2) Book Review: My Life & 1000 Houses by Mitch Stephen by Shae Bynes

Last week I finished reading my 24th book of the year….phew! My goal of reading 2-3 books each month is going really well.  I keep a running list of the books I want to read and interestingly enough, today’s review is for a book that was not on the list, written by a first time author I was unfamiliar with, and yet is one of my favorite reads of this year!

3) Why & How New Investors Should Focus on Specific Target Markets by Ryan Moeller @

One thing I notice about the most successful investors is that they focus.  They focus on one strategy, focus in specific areas of a market and become a master.  This is extremely important, especially for beginners; choosing 2-3 zip codes or neighborhoods are a great  Unfortunately most beginners are open to any kind of strategy and look for deals anywhere, often leading to problems.  Here are reasons why successful investors focus on specific areas.

4) Investing 101: Working With Banks by Rachel @ Adventures in Mobile Homes

Recently, I’ve been getting a bit agitated and annoyed working with banks on their mobile home inventories. Right now, the banks owned mobiles are just too much of a risk for what the banks (in my experience) are looking to get. It’s getting to the point where even the parks won’t buy them back. And, that raises a major red flag with me.  (Note: Typically, I try not to compete with the parks I do business with. Some of the parks I work with (but not all), will usually go after the bank owned mobiles – they’ve got a separate team of people and experience in this area (usually not the park manager). Regarding typical homeowners, they usually don’t go after these as it is too time consuming and usually cannot be negotiated effectively over the phone like the bank owned homes).

5) Is Your Realtor a GREAT Real Estate Agent? by J. Scott @

There’s a BiggerPockets forum thread going on this week that addresses the issue of realtors, and whether they are worth their fee when selling your investment property. While I’m not going to address that particular issue in this post (suffice it to say, I believe great agents are worth every penny and not-so-great agents will lose you lots of pennies), I do want to review the criteria that I use to differentiate the great agents, especially when it comes to working with investors.  First, let me break down the three main areas that I use to evaluate an agent…

6) 123Flip Newsletter by J. Scott @

I’ve had a Newsletter Signup form on my website for over a year now, and while I’ve had a lot of people sign up, I never started sending our Newsletter… I’m planning to change that, and will be starting to send a regular newsletter within the next couple weeks or so. I plan to include tips, industry news, how-to articles, etc, that won’t be available on the website (I need some incentive to get people to sign up, don’t I?  This is not a typical informational post but I put this here because if J. Scott is sending out a news letter, you want to be on the mailing list!

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