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The Cost of Outsourcing

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I’ve been getting really frustrated lately with my lack of time and resources (money!).  There are a ton of things I want to get accomplished like creating a web version of SI Lead Manager, building up my online marketing for lead generation and getting someone to handle incoming phone calls and mailings.  The problem is I do not have the time to do these things myself or the money to hire these things out. The only thing I can do …

A Small Tip For Getting That Desired Domain Name

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I find it very frustrating trying to come up with a domain name for anything real estate investing related that isn’t already taken.    I have spent days looking for a domain name only to discover that unless I wanted something resembling a sentence…. WeBuyUglyHousesInNorthernNewJerseyAreas.com …I was out of luck.  I don’t like long domain names because they are just to hard to read.  You get lost in all the words.  Just imagine what it would look like if you …

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Some SEO Information Regarding How To Get Real Estate Leads

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In my new found quest to figure out how to get real estate leads off the web, I went a little commando at work the other day and listened to an SEO webinar on my sell phone using the GotoMeeting app.  Besides draining my cell phone battery, it worked out great.  Trevor Mauch hosted the webinar f or the people who purchased his InvestorCarrot website packages.  I learned a few things I didn’t know and that will definitely help me …

30DC – Day 24 – Go or No Go?

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Go or No Go Day.  On day 24 of the 30DC it is time to analyze your numbers and stats to decide if the niche that was selected is worth pursuing or not.  There is no shame in figuring out that the niche you picked is not viable.  You have learned so much and the elimination of a niche is almost as valuable as finding one that works. Here are some of the key criteria to consider when figuring to …

30DC – Day 3 – Google Rankings

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If you want to do well with internet marketing your website has to show up on one of the first few pages of Google.   Where your site appears is called your Google Rank.  It’s not the page you appear on it’s your ranking.  The higher the page rank number the better. In the third day of the 30 day challenge we went over how Google figures out which websites appear on the top few pages for a particular search …