Partners: You May Need A Partner

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About two years ago I was stammering along trying to get some momentum going with my marketing to bring in phone calls.  With my limited time I was really having trouble answering the phone when a lead would call.  I’d return the calls when I could, usually at lunch or between 6:30pm and 8pm.  I quickly fell behind and sometimes took days to call a lead back.  This is not a good strategy and hurts your reputation with the lead …

real estate investing with a 9 to 5 job

Tips for 9-to-5ers: Easy Access

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Having a full time job and trying to start up a real estate investing business is not an easy thing.  Lack of time is a huge problem for sure, but with enough dedication and time juggling skills you can make it work.  It’s sort of like a jig-saw puzzle that contains multiple pieces that fit into the same spot.  If say on Wednesday night you usually go to a real estate meeting and it was cancelled, what do you do? …

Probate Call Number 2! and More

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WOH! busy week this week.  The Holiday Giveaway started off slow on Monday but really picked up steam over the past two days.  A rough estimate count has about 60 entries so far, which gives everyone a great chance to win something very valuable for sure!  We still got about 6 days left so plenty of time to still enter.  Thanks to Nick, Steph, Julie, Shae, Jason and everyone else who has spread the word.   I’m gonna see if …