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Tips for 9-to-5ers: Easy Access

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real estate investing with a 9 to 5 jobHaving a full time job and trying to start up a real estate investing business is not an easy thing.  Lack of time is a huge problem for sure, but with enough dedication and time juggling skills you can make it work.  It’s sort of like a jig-saw puzzle that contains multiple pieces that fit into the same spot.  If say on Wednesday night you usually go to a real estate meeting and it was cancelled, what do you do?   You fill that spot with another puzzle piece that will help your business.   You never know when a few hours of time will free up, and you never know where you will be at in that moment.  I always have a plan B and C ready to go.

Having what you need, When you need it.

Part of moving onto plan B or C is having the tools and/or information accessible to you when you need it.  As recently as one month ago I was carrying around any forms, contracts and even my lead tracking software on a usb flash drive.  This was working but I had some concerns…

  • High risk of losing or damaging the drive
  • I was responsible for syncing the data with my home/work computers
  • I needed to remember to bring it with me at all times
  • Run out of storage space
After the flash drive fell off my keychain a couple times last month I decided to explore a service called dropbox and came away impressed with what it could offer me.
  • 2.25 gigs of space for free (you can pay for more or get more by referring others)
  • Access the files from any computer or smart phone
  • Auto Syncing of files to all your devices
  • Share files with other people
One of the big things for me was the Auto Sync feature.  I use it with SI Lead Manager so I always have access to my leads no matter what computer I am on.   The way I have it setup I never even have to worry about moving files around, DropBox syncs up everything on every computer.   It also stores the files online so you can access them through a web interface (or smart phone app).  An added bonus is that if your computer ever blows up, all your files are safe on dropbox.  Pretty cool!
This software/service has saved me a lot of time and helped me be more organized.  I am going to also explore how it can help my partner and I share our stuff as well.
Are there any other services like this that are worth looking at?
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  1. Hi Scott,

    Have you ever tried EverNote? That is nice too. I went to the meeting this past week, sorry I did not get a chance to meet-up with you, hopefully next time!

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      Hi Keith,

      Very sorry I missed the meeting, it’s tough for me sometimes to go to that meeting and then my mastermind meeting the very next day. They take up my entire night and I can’t get anything else done. Hopefully you got a lot out of the meeting and what Winston had to say, he is a really good guy and knows what he is doing.

      As far as EverNote, I have it on my phone and use it all the time. A great way to keep track of thoughts and ideas. Great Suggestion Keith!

  2. I’ve had others recommend DropBox before, but I didn’t realize it had auto-syncing. That’s quite nice. I may have to check it out – thanks for the tip!

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