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Marketing Monday: The Results Are….

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Direct Marketing plansSorry for the tease people, I am just in that sort of mood.  I can’t report any results just yet as it’s too early, but the last round of colored envelopes are going out today.  In total I sent out about 200 direct mail letters in this test.  We have definitely gotten some responses  but it won’t be for a few weeks until I can more accurately determine how well they pulled.  Next week I will have preliminary figures to report for sure.

To be honest, I can’t see anyone not opening these envelopes and at least reading the letter.  They look so personable and are with out a doubt different then the average junk mail we all get.  What I’m getting at is once you get them to open your letter, the letter needs to convince them to respond.

Right now, my letter is very simple and straight forward.  To paraphrase, I tell them I’m looking for houses in their area and was wondering if they would be interested in selling theirs.  It seems to be effective with a response rate of about 10%.   Most of these responders are not very motivated and include people who are…

  • Requesting to be taken off my mailing list
  • Not interested in selling their house
  • Want market value
  • Are Realtors calling for the home owner
  • People asking how you got their information
The fun part is weeding these people out and finding the few who are actually motivated.  My letter lends itself to getting these types of calls.  I could attempt to be more specific with what I’m looking for like asking if they are fed up with their tenants or having trouble maintaining that house which is 400 miles away.  While this would reduce the number of calls I get, it may increase the number of quality (i.e. more motivated) calls I get.
I think in my next round of marketing, I’m going to adjust my message to be more specific and see what happens. I’ll come up with a new letter this week and let you all know what it says before I start sending it out.  I may even split test it.
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