Turducken – What The Hell Is It?

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The word Turducken is becoming so popular these days that you can barely find anyone who doesn’t know what the heck it is.  I even saw one in the food store the other day.  To me it sounds gross and I doubt I’ll ever try one.  Has anyone given it a taste?

Deal #2 update

Deal #2 is starting to resemble one of those birds.  I’m not quite sure what to make of it and not quite sure where it’s headed.  My partner re-evaluated the house yesterday and made our new offer to the seller of $3000 less then our original “agreed upon” price.  We also confirmed that the seller has been continuing to take offers from other investors.  He is showing the house to someone else today as well.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I know I don’t like how the sellers are handling themselves and not being upfront with us from the beginning.  They wasted our time and theirs by not communicated with us about what was going on.

I’m vindictive in a way.  Part of me wants to offer these people MORE money,  Say we can close in 60 days and then pull out at the last minute.  I’m not going to do that because it’s wrong, but the thought had crossed my mind!

We are now in limbo waiting to hear if they are taking our new offer now.  My guess is that they will.


What else is going on?

3 Days ago I started using SI Lead Manager – Beta 5 to track all my leads and mailings.  My initial impression is that I LOVED the way it flowed and how it was much quicker to find and update leads then Beta 4 was.  I did however find quite a few things that I had forgotten to include.  None where major items, just those small things that really pull the software together.  I’ve already implemented many of those items, but it has pushed the release back a few weeks while I find and fix all the little bugs.

To give you a quick example of how the software has improved…

When I get a returned direct mail piece I update the system with why it was returned and also close the lead with a reason.  In beta 4 this was a 5 step process and took me about 1 minute per returned mailing.  Now in beta 5 it’s a 2 step process that takes me less then 15 seconds.

Beta 5 – How Too

Comparison Between Beta 4 and Beta 5

My next step is to release Beta 5 to my partner and also a select few other people to give it a once over.  After that it will be available to everyone.


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  1. Alot of sellers are acting this way lately…. this is new and I think it is because our area has grown alot of competition within the past year… one of my callers told me she got 15 letters like mine and was calling all of them.

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  3. Scott,

    First I want to say congrats. I just read about your wife being pregnant. I must have been living under a rock lately! That’s awesome news.

    Good luck with this beta test….I hope everything goes smoothly for you. And I’m with you, I think deal 2 will be a go! Congrats in advance 😉

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      Hey Carey!

      We are really excited about having our first child. It’s going to be a life change experience that is for sure! I am nervous about how much time I will have for real estate investing in the beginning.

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