2011 REI Goal Worksheet

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As part of the coaching program I am in, we are setting our 2011 goals.   To set these goals we are filling out a worksheet  that will help us.  After which time we will have a scheduled phone call with Jon or Kasey to go over and discuss each goal.  Sounds like a great way to keep accountable!

What are your marketing plans for 2011? (how will you find sellers?)

Budget per month?

  • $200 + Affiliate Marketing income

# of direct mail pieces per month?

  • 100

Mail Compaigns

What types of campaigns (i.e. out of state, probate,etc?

  • Probate and Out-of-State owners

How many campaigns total this year/month?

  • 2 per month

Bandit signs to hang per week/month:

  • 50 per month

Social Media/internet Marketing plans:

  1. Use facebook to network with buyers in my area.
  2. Use facebook better to draw more interest to my blog and increase affiliate sales
  3. Create a squeeze page to attract out-of-state owners

Door Knocking/other marketing plans:

  • None – concentrate on above marketing methods only at this time

What area’s (towns) will you be marketing to?

  • Morris County for Probate Leads
  • Morristown, Dover, Parsippany, East Hanover, Hanover, Madison, Florham Park and Morris Plains for Out-of-State Owners

How will you find buyers in the new year?

# of qualified buyers per week/month to add to your buyers list?

  • 1 to 3  qualified buyers a week

Marketing Plan for buyers

  1. Use Craigslists to advertise for buyers
  2. Use Craigslist to find buyers
  3. Network at REI Meetings
  4. Have all potential buyers fill out my buyers form to qualify them
  5. Search google for “We Buy Houses” sites in Morris County

Meetings? Networking events you will attend to find buyers:

  1. Jon Zorrer’s Meetup Meeting
  2. Bruce Tabour’s Meetup meeting
  3. MREIA
  4. Western NJ REI

How will you qualify buyers?

  • Have them fill out buyers sheet
  • Buyer should have money, and be active over the past 12 months

2011 Goals for your real estate business:

# of deals in your pipeline by:

  • Feb 1st (1)
  • Mar 1st (1)
  • Apr 1st (2)
  • May 1st (2)
  • Jun 1st (2)
  • Jul 1st (3)
  • Aug 1st (3)
  • Sep 1st (3)
  • Oct 1st (4)
  • Nov 1st (4)
  • Dec 1st (4)

How many deals to you plan to close per month (average)?

  • 1 per month would be great!

By when do you plan to close your first deal in the new year?

  • February 21st

If you plan on working with REO’s, how many properties will you see per week?

  • Do not plan on targeting REO’s at this time

What specifically did you do last year that you’d like to change in the new year and how?

  • I did not setup systems for my tasks.  This caused me to waste time wondering what to do next.  This year I will create systems for all tasks and write them down.

How many hours will you dedicate in the new year to your real estate investing business (This Year vs Last Year)?

  • 10 to 15 hours a week

What is the biggest change you will make this year in your real estate investing business?

  • Systematize my tasks

List a few time wasters that you’ve identified that you’re committed to eliminating from your life/business in the new year?

  • Lack of organization
  • Taking on to many tasks, not allowing me to concentrate
  • My JOB

Things you plan to outsource this year?

  1. Letter preparation
  2. Call screening

Other Goals (rei or non-rei related):

  1. Increase affiliate income to $200 a month
  2. Lose 6 lbs to get to 175
  3. Become completely debt free (not counting Mortgage)
  4. Save 50k for a house
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