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30DCMUFor anyone following my progression through the 30 day challenge you are probably wondering how my site is fairing in the land of search engines.  Up until now it wasn’t really worth reporting any success or failure as it’s been all about setting my site up and creating a network of backlinks in order to increase  rankings in Google.  We care about all search engines, but Google is the most important because that is by far the most common.   If Google sees your site the others (yahoo, altavista, bing, etc…) will see your site as well, so I’ll just focus on Google for the most part.


Indexing is what happens when your site is discovered by a search engine and gets an initial ranking.   Google has an odd tendency to give a brand new site a high ranking (sometimes on the first page) at first, but only to drop it drastically after a few days.  I haven’t found the reason for this, but it’s sort of like an introduction to the world to help get you started off.  Once dropped, it’s on you to earn your reemergence back to the first page.

My initial indexing for my main keyword (“New Jersey Probate”)

  • Days to Initial indexing: 6
  • Initial Index Rank (Phrase Match): 18
  • Initial Index Rank (Broad Match): 80

Rank after 6 days

  • Index Rank (Phrase):  6
  • Index Rank (Broad): 10

How I’m ranking for my keyword categories

  • New Jersey Probate Court:  Broad – 390; Phrase – > 1000
  • New Jersey Probate Process: Broad – 316; Phrase – > 1000
  • New Jersey Probate Real Estate: Broad – 426; Phrase – >1000
  • New Jersey Estate Planning: Not indexed for


The good: I’m already ranking on the first page for my main keyword “New Jersey Probate” for both broad(10th spot) and phrase(6th spot) matches.

The Ok: my broad match rankings for the keyword categories are very low (above 300).  I’m not worried about this because I haven’t written any articles for those keywords just yet, but I’m sure my rankings will rise once I do.

The Bad: nothing really bad to report


This has been light so far, but that is expected as I’m just getting off the ground and New Jersey Probate is not really a “Hot” topic.  The goal of the 30 day challenge is to get as many people to visit your site as possible and convert them to sales.  My goal is to attract anyone looking for Probate information in New Jersey and convert them to leads.  My target audience is much smaller then what the challenge recommends.  That being said here are the stats..

  • Total Visitors:  11
  • Direct Visitors: 6
  • Organic Visitors: 5

That has been over the past week.  The Direct Visitors are probably me or someone from this blog just typing in the website address. The Organic Visitors however are from search engines and the stat I’m most interested in.  It’s only 5 visitors, but who cares at this point I’m just excited a couple people have visited my page.  haha

Search phrases people used to find my site

  • how is tenancy by the entireties created in nj
  • how to avoid probate new jersey when there is a will
  • new jersey probate
  • newjerseyprobate.org
  • testate estate nj

As you can see there was one search for “newjerseyprobate.org” and I’m positive that was from me.  “New Jersey Probate” might have been from myself as well, but I forget if I actually clicked on the link after one of my test searches.

Anyway you look at it, this is very valuable information as it allows you to see how people are finding your site.  In later articles I could optimize them for those search terms as well.

I’ll try to post updates like this once a week as it’s fun to look at and analyze how I’m doing.  This week I’m going to remove the ad for the amazon book and replace it with an ad for my service (“i buy houses”).

Have a good monday

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