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Marketing Monday: Evictions and Postcards

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Along with Probate, Out of State Owners and driving for dollar leads, my partner and I have decided to try our luck with Evictions. We are going to pull the eviction list from the county courthouse.  After some searching we found that the area of the courthouse to look (at least in New Jersey) is the Office of the Clerk of the Special Civil Part. Here is more information about Evictions. For those just starting out, when I say evictions, …

Great Tip if You are Anything Like Me

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One of my biggest annoyances when sending out mailers is making sure I have all the needed supplies.  I always run out of stamps, envelopes or even the paper that I’m using.  When I run out of these things it means a 40 minute round trip to the nearest office supply store to pick these things up.   This doesn’t work out to well when you only have a certain amount of time to put the mailers together.   At the end …