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Marketing Monday: Evictions and Postcards

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Along with Probate, Out of State Owners and driving for dollar leads, my partner and I have decided to try our luck with Evictions. We are going to pull the eviction list from the county courthouse.  After some searching we found that the area of the courthouse to look (at least in New Jersey) is the Office of the Clerk of the Special Civil Part. Here is more information about Evictions.

For those just starting out, when I say evictions, what I mean is we are getting the addresses of landlords who have recently filed an eviction notice to get rid of a tenant. These landlords are more likely to be fed up with the rental business and want out. We plan to send them a postcard.

The postcard needs to go out immediately, so that the owners are still dealing with the problem tenant. This ensures that they are still fed up and tired of dealing with all the crap…A.K.A. motivated.

To make the postcards, I’m using a program called Microsoft Publisher. Depending on the Microsoft Office package you have, you may already have it.  It took me about an hour to figure the basics out, but after that it was fairly easy.

Here are some Tutorial Links for creating postcards in Microsoft Publisher…

One great thing about sending postcards is the postage is much cheaper. It actually only costs 29 cents per stamp instead of 44 for standard mail. I’m not a huge fan of the flowery pictures on the 29centers but who cares right? I buy them in rolls of 100. Here is a link to the postcard stamps on the USPS website.

From talking to my coach a good response rates for Evictions should be 3% to 4%. One of the fellow coaching students tried evictions and only got 1% over a 6 month period. Maybe we will have better luck, maybe not.

1050 Challenge

My post last week mentioned I was challenging myself to product 1050 mailers for the month of August.  So far I’m up to 254.  To keep track of my progress, take a look at the upper right hand corner of my blog for my live total…


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  1. re: postcards, the post office also sells 4×6 postcard that already have postage affixed…and if i remember right, they are the same price as the stamps, meaning the card itself is free! just run them through the printer and throw them in the mail.

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