Angry Response: “Get Lost…Loser!”

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Making someone angry with my direct mail letters is not my goal, but eventually is an inevitable outcome.  Most of the time these people call up and voice their displeasure, but on some occasions they will send your letter back with some comments.  These comments are usually really funny and I like to post them for you to see.

Here is the most recent one that we’ve gotten…


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  1. Scott –

    I think that is the main problem with those types of letters letters. People just see you somehow as not really being professional or very skilled; kind of like that is the best you can do as far as a business letter.

    In this business, you are going to get “told off” at least once a year and I’m happy to say, I got that over with last week vulgar language and all. Next.


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      Yup, some people like the personal tough of a handwritten letter and while other think it’s childish and would prefer to do deal with a more formal approach of a letter printed on your company letter head.

      It’s a choice we have to make, and the more personal style suits me better.

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  2. It’s funny Scott. I’ve found folks respond differently on several occasions— there’s not one marketing piece that will elicit the same response from everyone. It’s just a fact of human nature that we’re not all the same and have different personalities. Some folks respond more kindly while others do not. Sharon’s definitely right about just getting over it as it’s all part of the business – it’s best not to take it too personally. Nice to read your progress on these mailers, thanks for sharing!

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      If I took them personally I wouldn’t have posted them for all to see 🙂

      I will say it’s tough not to be sensitive when getting negative responses from leads. There is a certain mindset that I have to have, and continually remind myself to have, or it’s easy to feel bad for pissing people off. Can’t we all be friends?? haha

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