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new dealI just got back from my extended weekend trip to Niagra Falls.  The weather was cold and rainy, but we made the best of it and had fun anyway.  Two things amazed me on the trip, one was just how utterly impressive the falls are.  We took the Maid of the Mist boat ride and got to see the sheer power of the water up close and came away awestruck (and drenched).   The second thing that got my attention was how desolate the American side is.  There were more boarded up homes and hotels then not.  The Canadian side on the other hand was great and looked to be doing quite well.

Possible Deal

This past week my partner has been negotiating with a seller on a deal we may have locked up shortly.  The price has been agreed upon and we are now just working out the contractual details.  I will have more information as the deal lays itself out.  The seller’s lawyer is going to be more involved in this deal then in our first and that has already come to fruition with some of the addendums that we have gotten back.  Nothing seems to be a problem, the only sizable change is they want us to give them a $1000 earnest money deposit.   Smart on their part, though we obviously prefer to keep our money out of it.  Everything is negotiable so we are going to see if we can get that reduced.

Big Announcement

Haha, you thought the deal was the big announcement right?  Well there are not many things that could trump a deal, but this certainly does.  I’m going to be a Dad!  I’m excited, nervous and excited all at the same time.

So for those people who are getting into real estate investing, working a full time job and wondering if you can fit a new born baby into your life, follow along with my blog because I’m going to make it work!  I have no idea how though.

For those people who have been through this, what kind of advice can you give me?

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  1. Contratulations, I have three (not babies anymore though). It will be hard for me too, but I take inspiration from your posts! Sounds like things are starting to flow for you now.

    BTW, I not if it is you or me, but your comment love gives an error about space.

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      Thanks Keith, I’m going to need the support of others for sure if I’m going to be able to handle it all. Gonna be a roller coaster ride for sure.

      Not sure what happened with commentluv. I’m testing it out below to see if it works for me

      Hmmm, seems to work for me. Maybe it’s the specific link that it’s trying to create for you.

  2. Wow, Scott! That is such awesome news! I am soooo happy for both of you! And congrats on your first deal and now getting the second deal locked up!!! I’m sorry I haven’t posted a comment on your blog in so long….my Dell laptop crashed earlier this year and I just was able to get new computer yesterday. Congrats again!!!! 🙂

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