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30DC5This is probably one of the most important items when it comes to ranking well in google and other search engines.  Content is King as they say.   One important point I’d like to mention about content and SEO…the content must be unique.

Duplicate content, which means another site has the same exact article, will either hurt your page ranking or it won’t count that content.   How much it hurts, nobody knows.

So you might be asking…”how do you get this content then?”  You write it!

It’s not as hard as one might think to write an article, the more I do it the more I’m starting to enjoy it.   You don’t have to come up with the ideas yourself, do a google search for your keywords and look for articles related to your topic(s).  Read a few of them and then

  1. break them down into subtopics
  2. then write about each topic from what you learned from the articles.

You will be tempted to cut and past from the found articles, but don’t do so.  It’s always best to use your own words.  If you just can’t stand the task of putting your own thoughts down on paper you can higher it out.   Since I’m really just starting out I don’t have the money to be throwing at help, so I write the articles myself.

A good place to look for articles is Ezinearticles.com

Domain Names

It’s relatively important to get a relevant domain name that uses words from your keyword phrases.  Obviously the exact match (i.e. NewJerseyProbate.com) would be ideal, but you’ll find that most of the good dot com names have been taken.   If that is the case here is how they suggest picking a good domain name…

  1. Check your full keyword phrase with a ‘.com’ extension (newjerseyprobate.com)
  2. Check your full keyword phrase with a ‘.net’ extension (newjerseyprobate.net)
  3. Check your full keyword phrase with a ‘.org’ extension (newjerseyprobate.org)
  4. Add hyphens to break up the words (new-jersey-probate.com)
  5. Add a prefix or suffix to your keywords (newjerseyprobateONLINE.com or MYnewjereseyprobate.com)

Make sure to follow the steps in order as the go from best to worst case.


I’ve written previous articles about setting up a hosting site using 1and1.com.  They suggest using Hostgator.com which I’ve heard is the best and would probably use if I had to do it all over again, even though I’m happy with 1and1.

My Stuff

I’m not sure how many articles they are going to suggest be written, but I’ve got two already from previous websites that I will be using.  Since I’ve already posted them on my local blog I’m going to take them down and repost them on this new site.

The domain I ended up with was www.newjerseyprobate.org.  I was going to go with njprobate.com but I wanted to have my main keyword phrase in the domain.   I also considered New-Jersey-Probate.com but didn’t like the hyphens.

Tip: Domainsbot.com is a nice domain availability search tool for when you are trying to claim a domain.  Search for it there and then go to your host and register.

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