Real Estate Investor Website Winner

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Before I get start I want to give special thanks to Trevor Mauch, Founder of Investor Carrot, for being generous enough to give me these great deals to giveaway.  He is a hell of a guy.  For example, about two weeks ago he sent me an email from his personal account telling me that he was doing some random searching and found one of my websites was ranked on the second page of Google for my keyword.  That’s great customer …

Deal Closing Giveaway #2: Investor Carrot Websites

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18 months ago my son was born and even though I was warned continuously about how it would affect my life and free time I don’t think I fully understood what that meant.  In the beginning there was just chaos, lack of sleep and sheer helplessness.  The idea of a schedule was just crazy, but thankfully we all settled into a daily routine which allowed me to carve out some time for real estate again.  Unfortunately it was at most …

Did You Win?

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Sorry for the one day delay in announcing the winner of the Ron Mead probate course, 31 Days to Profits With Probate Investing.  I was planning on announcing it last night but as I was printing out some envelopes for my probate mailers I shockingly had some printer issues (past issues with printer).  This time however my printer gave me the big old “middle finger” and decided to leak black toner all over the place.  The rug got the worst …

The Deal #4 Giveaway Winner Is….

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The Winner of the Deal #4 Closing Give Away Is… Greg As pertaining to the rules of just posting a comment to enter, He posted this comment… You will be getting a great e-book course written by my good friend Steph Davis called Flip This REO.  Send me an email to and I’ll send you out the course. Thanks again for reading my blog and taking the time out to comment.    

Did Deal #4 Finally Close?

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I got back from my vacation this past Monday and the news that deal #4 has finally closed was awaiting me.  I don’t know if it was just summer time or what, but this deal took forever to get from accepted contract to closing.  To be honest I even forget when the contract was officially signed and accepted, it must have been in early June. In fact, our original contact with this seller was way back in March.  At that …