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Sorry for the one day delay in announcing the winner of the Ron Mead probate course, 31 Days to Profits With Probate Investing.  I was planning on announcing it last night but as I was printing out some envelopes for my probate mailers I shockingly had some printer issues (past issues with printer).  This time however my printer gave me the big old “middle finger” and decided to leak black toner all over the place.  The rug got the worst of it, so I had to spend much of my evening trying to clean the fine black dust up before the wife got home and killed me.

TIP:  If this ever happens to you do NOT try and wipe it up with a cloth or towel, it will only make it much much worse.  Use a vacuum cleaner and just suck it up.

Who WON Dammit??Closing_Giveaway_Winner

I got some really great responses to the giveaway and it was a very tough decision.  I decided to go with the person who’s situation and fears most resembled mine as I was starting out.  I believe that Ron’s probate course will help this person like it helped me.  So the winner is…


His comment really parallels my own struggles and issues that I went through when starting out.  I even read Think and Grow Rich among many other books.  It’s way to easy to want to learn as much as you can before you get started.  Heck it’s how most of us were taught…knowledge is power.  As i moved along in real estate investing I realize that knowledge isn’t power, ACTION IS POWER.

Travis, I’ll send you an email to get your information…Congratulations Man!

Ron is a GREAT GUY

I say this not because I love his products but because he is a generous person.  He got word that I was running this giveaway and actually donated the prize to give away!!  There are some good people in this industry who believe that giving and creating positive relationships is how you become successful.  Those are the people I want in my network.  Thanks Ron!

We Aren’t Done Yet

Over the past two weeks I’ve been trading emails with the owner over Investor Carrot Websites (Trevor Mauch) about running another giveaway.  Well I’m happy to say that we have come up with something that will be awesome and I promise it will help someone who is struggling to get started.   The contest will start next Tuesday.

Thanks again for everyone who commented to enter the for the prize.  It’s fantastic and so very motivating to see people interested in my own struggles and successes.  It truly does keep me going…THANK YOU!

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