Globiflow is affordable for the small business again!

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A pretty cool thing happened the other day…Podio (Citrix actually), listened to the complaints of it’s users and brought back the lower level Globiflow plans. This is HUGE!!

Ever since Podio become the exclusive re-seller of GlobiFlow back around January of 2016, the Podio user had to have a Premium Package with 5 user licenses just to get GlobiFlow. So you would have to pay a minimum of $125/mo to use GlobiFlow.

I’ve left tons of messages trying to help Podio see the error of their ways. Finally this past week I got the following response…

What does this mean?

While you will not be able to use GlobiFlow with the free version of Podio like you could prior to January 2016, the cost to entry is significantly reduced.

  • Podio Premium
    per Month
  • GlobiFlow Basic
    per Month
  • Total Cost to You
    per Month

$34 is still a decent chunk of change to spend each month, but at least it is now reasonable. Globiflow is such a valuable tool to help automate your business that it is easily worth that much. Heck, I could have argued that $125 per month was worth it as well.

GlobiFlow Plan Options

There are 6 different plans you can get. Each of them about doubling the price of the previous plan. Here is the breakdown of what each plan provides. I’ll give you my take below.

My Take on the Plans

They do a good job of allowing the beginner GF user to get their feet wet for a small cost. The vast majority of people will not need SMS Texts, Integrations, Manual Flow run, MySQL Sync and external feeds. Those are advanced features and you won’t miss them starting out.

The one thing you have to understand is how the Actions per Hour and Actions Per Month will come into play. Let me try to explain…

Actions when it comes to Globiflow are any step in your flow that Updates or Creates data in Podio. So if you have a flow that creates a Lead Record in your Leads App, it will cost you 1 Action. If that Flow runs 10 times in an hour, you have used up 10 of your allotted Actions for that hour.

Additionally you have to take into account how many actions you think you will use in a given month. If you are using up close to all your hourly Actions each hour, you will blast past your Monthly limit in no time.

25 actions/hr * 24 hrs/day = 600 actions/ day

Now it is highly doubtfull you are going to create a process that needs to run that often. However you can have 25 Flows setup that could.

So Depending on what you are trying to automate and how often you think it will run will give you a good idea which plan is right for you.

What Plan do I Recommend?

I have written countless articles on Podio and Globiflow and have some pretty complex Flows. Even still I have only needed the Silver Plan ($15/mo). It has been plenty for me and the only reason why I even upgraded to the Silver from Basic was because I needed to create more then 25 Flows.

So with that being said I highly recommend just starting out with the Basic ($9/mo) plan. It is easy to upgrade if you find you need more Actions, Flows or need another feature such as SMS Text messaging.

My Final Thoughts

I am so happy to be able to recommend using GlobiFlow again. I’ve spent so much time learning how to use and leverage to help others enhance their Podio setups that it was a huge let down when it got so expensive.

To read more about the Pricing Plans for Globiflow you can go to the direct link below. Though I have found that on a mobile device the link seems to take you to the wrong page.

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